Voting, ads and other things

2016-electionFinally next Tuesday we can put (hopefully) the election behind us. It’s been brutal. We are a battleground state. The local elections are important. They too are the nastiest I’ve seen. Accusations and rebuttals. Only someone dedicated to research knows what the truth is.

If you are an intelligent citizen of the US you need to vote. Here are some things to keep in mind.

You don’t have to LIKE them. You are not selecting a drinking buddy and you will never be invited to one of their parties. Vote for someone who shares your values and beliefs.

Don’t be swayed by the noise. There are so many accusations flying around. As someone once said, “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.” I am astounded at people who believe memes they saw on Facebook and take it for the gospel truth.

That, my friends, is called strategy. Making last minute accusations can sway the weaker voters. Everyone has skeletons in their closet, even you. People like Mother Teresa do not run for political posts.

Go back to the party platforms. That’s where you find the information.

If the president and Congress are of different parties, it doesn’t matter who is president, nothing will get done. There have already been threats about not approving Supreme Court justices. Seriously? They need to grow up.

For months we have been subjected to political ads that call everyone corrupt. Consecutive ads. Lots of consecutive ads. The same ads.

We record most of the programs but we watch the news and Jeopardy live. We have resorted to the mute button. It’s that or tossing the TV.

On the lighter side –

I can’t believe I am saying this but I am looking forward to the return of “normal” ads.

Could there be a new drug for erectile dysfunction? I don’t know. Haven’t seen normal ads in months.

Or maybe for a disease that I don’t yet know I have. What have drug companies been doing with all that advertising budget? They haven’t cut the price of drugs!

I wonder how Flo from the insurance company is doing and the little gecko with the Australian (or maybe New Zealand) accent.

Does Subaru or Budweiser have new puppy ads? (I sure could use one!)

I am looking forward to a return to normal or at least the new normal.

Get out and vote!


50 thoughts on “Voting, ads and other things

  1. You are so funny, Kate! Yes, it will be good to get back to normal ads. I agree with you that we should vote for the person who shares our values and beliefs so I will be voting for Hillary. She is not perfect but she reflects my values and I believe she has the best interests of America. Just my opinion. Rumors are flying so as you wrote, do long believe everything. We are all in this together and I hope whatever the outcome the next president works for the good of America. I will be voting tomorrow. Cheers!

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    • I have seen incredible things on Facebook that I think were meant to be jokes but people believe them without checking it out. People get sucked into the noise. I’m with her but I was with her 8 years ago too.


  2. I’ve voted, and now I’m just holding my breath. I’ve been holding my nose. It is possible that on Wednesday morning I’ll be holding down my breakfast! I do try to remind myself that life will go on. It does seem to help me to realize that I’m not the only person in the world upset by what we see happening. I’ve never before experienced so much solidarity in misery!

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  3. GE has excellent ads these days. I also like Flo.

    We don’t get many TV ads up here in blue WA. We all vote by mail, and I sent mine off a few days ago. It wasn’t an easy ballot because of all the initiatives.

    In a normal year I’d pay more attention to the candidates’ policies. This year it’s more about the candidates themselves. This year the consequences of electing the wrong person are so dire that I cannot look away.

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  4. I wish that I felt that it truly would be over after the election, but every indication is that it won’t be. We live in a solidly blue state so, if it was just up to us, the vote would be over (you are welcome). I haven’t seen many commercials since we tape most shows or watch public broadcasting, but we get plenty of flyers for the local and state issues. Hubby and I voted early this year and I’m glad to be done with it. We’ll go to a friend’s house for an election night potluck… I hope we will have something to (sort of) celebrate at the end of the evening.

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  5. I couldn’t agree more. I talked my wife into voting early tomorrow mostly because I just don’t want to see the hordes of people trying to pass us leaflets at our official polling place next Tuesday. I’m told the early voting place doesn’t have too many of those folk, so that’s my goal then. And, yes, let’s see a return to ads for Lipitor, Cialis, Viagra, et al. again.

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  6. It’s all so sad. Here we are living in a democracy and we can’t stand our politicicians—probably because all politicians do anymore is call each other names, and that’s likely due to there not having any answers for the issues that face us—third world countries have to be cracking up at us, because we’re in worse shape than they are. And we don’t have a legitimate excuse for it!


  7. Great summary, Kate.

    I can’t wait for the puppy ads to be back. I think any advertising person worth their salt could release a wonderful, feel-good ad and sell a million of their product.

    I’m a political junkie and even I can’t stand it.

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  8. I’ve completely tuned it out. Funny thing is, no one I know in the States is even talking about the election. However, I went home to Canada last weekend and that’s all they could talk about. They’re all relishing the idea of a bunch of washed up entertainers showing up at Canadian border control, begging for entry 😉

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  9. you’re right… we still have the mute button… how could I forget that LOL I agree with you for the ads, we have the same weird commercials, they are neither funny nor make they any sense… where is the geico piggy, the bonduelle veggies and the daim amarillo?


  10. “Vote for someone who shares your values and belief.”
    What if isn’t there isn’t anyone?😊
    I wish we can be say we’ll be done with this election once it’s behind us but I have a feeling this one will be with us for a long time. Regardless of who wins, we all lose.

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  11. Nice post but I just wish that intelligent folks would use logical thinking. Why oh why can people not sort out the runner who has sense and who is not a hot head and who does not incite the nut cases? A so called politician who continues to rail and rant and who praises Putin is not on the in-field, that person is out in far left field.

    I like the word batshit crazy. Vey fitting.

    PS: I voted early and I’m glad that I did. My vote will not make a difference because I live in huge red state but that’s ok, I still vote.

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  12. perfect points, Kate!
    we surely aren’t choosing a drinking pal, but someone who will stand toe to toe with other world leaders, and not blink. scary thought.
    yes, I too will be glad to see the next Toyota commercial, Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, and OxyClean return to the TV. It’s nonstop right now, but I love what Eileen said, let’s pass those Snickers Bars and stay outside, away from awful political ads!

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  13. Excellent column/blog! Yes, please, bring back the puppy/merdog ads! I’m so tired of everyone’s angry faces on TV. Please, everyone, have a Snickers Bar – you’re not you when you’re hungry!
    Hang in there – 5 more days!

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  14. What’s hilarious and assumptions family members make. One of my siblings sent a group text bemoaning Trump and threatening a move to Canada. I texted, “I hear you, I agree, but don’t you know Big Brother is voting for Trump?”

    Big Brother sent an angry emoji face.

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  15. Our local elections have been benign this year. Go figure. But on the national level, this election has become a nightmare. I think the saddest part of it for me has been finding out who among my friends and family are incapable of thinking for themselves, amoral &/or just plain batshit crazy. There’s no going back from that awareness. *sigh*

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