Sassy cats — Feline friendship

I’ve had cats that didn’t like each other. They didn’t fight all the time but there were tussles. This crew gets along. I am happy about that. They don’t sleep in a heap like dogs but I’ll take what I can get.



And here are all three.


39 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Feline friendship

  1. I see the three are keeping their distance from each other. . . so typical. Only my two sister cats snuggle together. The other cat naps alone but that’s okay with me. It keeps the fur from flying too much.

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  2. I love seeing them all together like that! When Mac was alive, he and Pear and Felix hung out on the kitchen counter in their beds (don’t ask) every day. They were so happy together. When Mac died it kind of broke up the team. Even so, Tiger has always been the odd cat out (as you know).

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    • The spread was off so it must have been in the evening. I have no idea what that white thing is. The red thing is the extra throw for my side. They only barf on the carpet or bedspread. Once there was a disaster in the middle of the night when Mollie barfed on my side of the bed while I was sleeping. That can wake you up quick!

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