Sassy cats — Furniture cushions

Sometimes I wonder why my furniture cushions look wonky. Perhaps this is why.morgan-porchcushiontop2016morgan-porchcushiontop12016Morgan: What? I’m supposed to sit on the seat cushion? I can’t see out then! Who will monitor the chipmunks?


32 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Furniture cushions

  1. What? You aren’t going to trim the bushes for her 360 view??? First picture is darling… 🙂 Not that the second one isn’t too, there is something about the first one. Great shot and she is looking right through the little clearing!

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    • That little clearing is getting smaller every year. They are cherry laurels — big and fluffy. Birds fly in there all the time for berries (or maybe just to annoy the cats). Chipmunks run around under it. With all the interest it gets from the cats I’m sure it’s brimming with wildlife. There’s just that damn screen between them.


  2. Ray has a chair which he leaps on whenever he hears something going on outside in the driveway. I was sitting in his chair the other day when he heard a noise in the driveway!!! I just didn’t exist in his mind at that moment, but almost 80lbs spread over 4 paws certainly made an impression that my mind won’t forget in a hurry!

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