Random 5 for October 16 – Chocolate, holidays, Starbucks, birds, banks

pumpkinsUgh! – October is half over and we are cruising into the holidays. So not ready! Where did July go? Want July back! (Yes I know I was whining about the weather for most of it.) #punishedforwhining

There’s something about October – Maybe you have to be female to understand. I am a post menopausal woman but every October I get an overwhelming desire to gorge on chocolate. It’s all those Halloween candy displays flashed in my face. You have to walk around them to get to the healthy food. This year I succumbed to tiny Heath bars. I forgot how good they are. I am expecting my period any day now. #willkillforchocolate

New at Starbucks – Our local SB set up a new order speaker in the drive-through lane. It looks very different from the old one and has much better audio quality. It is positioned 3 feet before the old one. It has a BIG “order here” sign on it. People drive right by it to go to the old one. Can’t miss it but they do. #peoplebeforecoffee

Happy birds – I am cleaning out all the bird feeders before winter comes. I did one this week. The bottom quarter had sunflower seeds that were stuck together. I had to completely dismantle the feeder to clean it. It’s a squirrel proof design that has a cage around the feeding tube. After I put it back together and filled it up, I wasn’t getting any action. This was very unusual. I took a closer look. When I set it up I didn’t align the tube holes with the cage holes. The birds couldn’t get to the seeds. I sent out a tweet (wasn’t that appropriate) to my feathered friends and vowed to do better in the future. #dumbhumans

Damn banks! – One of my banks was bought….again. This is the third time in eight years. Most of the locations will remain but the signs will change. Manufacturing bank signs must be a huge business. #inwrongbusiness

So how was your week? #doanythingdumb #gotcravings

Just a note — if you use hashtag comments, spellcheck is not very happy!maxine-chocolate

45 thoughts on “Random 5 for October 16 – Chocolate, holidays, Starbucks, birds, banks

  1. I’m always after those little orange pumkin candies in Oct. (Some brands are better than others – how sad that I know that.) If I select the right candy mix bags, there are Heath bars…which I refuse to hand over to kids..they can have all the other stuff.
    I hate all these bank mergers. You get checks? They charge extra for that…and get really grumpy if you want more deposit slips than 2-3 the check book comes with. We have resorted to going in and taking pads from inside the bank. Would be nice if they kept a real bank officer that you knew by name and who knew you…we are the “lucky ones” who have the training bank location. You don’t know how agrivating that can be….only one person there is a real bank veteran and all of the others are constantly having to get her to OK/approve what they do…and of course you can’t just skip over the newbies and work with the real bank person. UGH

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  2. Rained here last night and as I was thanking the weather gods for finally bringing fall weather in October I heard the weather forecast for the weekend: back to the 90s again. Oh well, autumn was great for the one day it lasted!

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  3. Paul is back full swing…I’ve missed him…and chocolate certainly is universal. Anya, the cashier, at the gourmet store I frequent gave me a complimentary chocolate bran muffin that may have crossed the line. But I suppose it’s always the thought that counts.

    Yes, July, where did she go making what seems to have been a cameo appearance. It’s very warm here today so I’m wearing shorts for old times sake since any minute I’ll be layered like a mummy till those birds of yours come back a’callin.

    Sorry I visited late. Yesterday got away from me.


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  4. We are having June in October. Frustrating because I just want some cold fronts and weather that is typical of fall. I have been craving potato salad. I am not a big chocolate eater but CH made chocolate chip cookies yesterday and they hit the spot!

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    • Despite how much I talk about it, I’m not a huge chocolate eater. A small amount hits the spot perfectly. Our weather has been as strange as it has been earlier in the year. Too hot for long sleeves and sweatshirts but too cool for tees.


  5. Your hashtags are hilarious, Kate. I haven’t been craving chocolate exactly, but I do find myself eyeing the Halloween candy that seems to be everywhere right now. I’m sure at some point I’ll give in! I am really not ready for the holidays and I’m not sure when I will be. Maybe I do need more chocolate to put me in a better frame of mind? I’m sure you’d encourage me in that direction!

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  6. Not a big chocolate fan (I know… what is wrong with me?), but I am tempted by all the candy showing up on the shelves. I get Twizlers and my husband gets Butterfingers… the trick or treaters will be lucky to get anything.

    It’s supposed to get up to the mid-80s again this week. I’m glad I didn’t put my summer clothes away yet.

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  7. October is getting away from me too. I just realized this morning that I haven’t gotten my flu shot yet. Still not “late” by any stretch, but I usually have gotten one already. I have a self-deadline to finish a huge book by Thanksgiving, and I’m barely halfway through it. Hashtags are complicated.

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    • Self-imposed deadlines are good if you follow them. We commented this weekend that we didn’t get our flu shots yet either. Maybe later this week. Sometimes I don’t even get hashtags but they can be funny.


  8. The dark chocolate Milky Way bars are delish 🙂
    I am sure the birds thank you, LOL about the “Tweet”
    I was craving Root beer and made a special trip to the store just for it. I rarely drink soda but for some reason I needed it that night.

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  9. Heath bars! Yum. I had also forgotten how good they are. But I will be good until Halloween, and then the kids will be lucky if there is any candy left in the cauldron.

    We’re finally getting cooler, overcast weather. Yay. It will feel like fall until next week, when we’re back up in the 80s.

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  10. There was a stand-alone bank building in our town that changed names at least five times. It was a very convenient location, so we went along with the changes. Add check printing as another business to benefit from bank name changes.

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    • I use two banks and the other one is a community bank that say it will never sell out. They have recently upgraded their on-line banking so I am very tempted to switch everything over. Such a pain. I was on the new website and it’s all different. More to learn.


  11. I gotta tell ya Kate, I love Heath bars! I wonder if my wife knows that I’ve become a post menopausal male? Oh she probably already knows. I mean after all, the name say’s it all. Men=Paul—so. This being October, boy is that one scary! As for that new Starbucks speaker. Well I’ve always felt the caffeine deprived can’t read, at least, not until they’ve had their coffee. hey, I’ve got it! Maybe Starbucks could put the new speaker at the end of the drive-through! On the other hand, maybe this is a triple shot problem. Kate, somehow I never thought of you as the type to go around playing practical jokes on poor hungry birds. Thank goodness you’ve saw the error of your ways and repaired the feeder. Would have hated to see you as a victim of a dive-bomb attack—which is typical of cars. And I’m sure you’re right about manufacturing bank signs. Gotta be a HUGE underground business. Probably ran by BIG banks, too! 😀

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