Not so Random 5 for April 17, 2022 — Kitchen pictures


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I promised you pictures of my new kitchen after everything was complete. It’s finished. Window treatments, new carpet, new furniture, it’s all in. Thanks for listing to my almost constant whining about everything that went wrong or threatened to.

Random 5 for January 23, 2022 – Kitchen, overwhelming, cold, critters, Starbucks


He’s back! – Broken-hearted window contractor guy is back. For anyone not following my kitchen saga, the hold up for finishing the kitchen is the window over the sink which was ordered last July but never came in. The real … Continue reading

Random 5 for June 27 – Starbucks, teens, memory, house projects, contractors


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Different strokes – Most of you know I pick up a Starbucks mocha every morning. I get a venti which is the largest size. One of our houseguests this past weekend also is a SB fan so I picked one … Continue reading

Random 5 for October 4 – Closets, Summer, Rain, Projects, Follow-up


My closet is heaving a sigh of relief! — This week I did a major clothing clean out. I do this every year yet I still have a ton for the donation box. Where do all these clothes come from? … Continue reading