Random 5 for January 23, 2022 – Kitchen, overwhelming, cold, critters, Starbucks

He’s back! – Broken-hearted window contractor guy is back. For anyone not following my kitchen saga, the hold up for finishing the kitchen is the window over the sink which was ordered last July but never came in. The real worry came when the contractor’s wife left him. He did not take it well. You can read about it here. He found a window and will install in the next week or two. Stand by for HUGE snowstorm.

Consuming life – We are in week 10 of our kitchen project. Some things went smooth and some didn’t. When I worked I was away from any house construction project during the day. It was an opportunity to focus on something else. Now that I’m retired I’m living in the chaos and worry about everything. It’s very different and I will take that into consideration in the future. (This is my last new kitchen though!) It has affected my blogging. I’m not as alert to see what stupid people are doing around me! The pandemic hasn’t helped that either, keeping me cooped up most of the time. And the frigid temperatures!

The deep freeze – Our weather has taken a turn for the bitter cold with temperatures in the teens (Fahrenheit). Last spring we had two doe give birth. One had twins and the other was a single. All summer we’ve watched the two moms with their three kids romp in the fields around us. They stay together. I hadn’t seen them for a while. On Friday they were romping in my back yard. I wanted to go out and ask how they have been but well…they are deer. I’m always amazed at how nature takes care of the critters in this bitter cold.

Speaking of critters – The beloved husband saw something going on outside our bedroom window as we went to bed. It was a fox leaping into the air and dancing around. It turns out he caught a mouse. He entertained us for a while with his antics. I felt sorry for the mouse but I have to remember it’s the circle of life.

Starbucks – One of the things I’ve like about Starbucks is that it is a place you can grab a coffee and talk to a friend. Many people bring their laptops and work. They call it the café. This past week they closed down inside eating and drinking again. Chairs and tables were stacked against the wall. So sad.

So how was your week?

52 thoughts on “Random 5 for January 23, 2022 – Kitchen, overwhelming, cold, critters, Starbucks

  1. I wasn’t able to check in earlier in the week, but I always enjoy your Random 5, and late thought I am, I was interested. I’m hoping that the huge storm doesn’t continue to hold up your window, and finishing the kitchen project. I have friends in the Northeast sending me photos of the storm’s effect, and as a Southern Californian who has never lived in a cold climate, I shudder at the photos! I hope you’re finding your new home warm and comfortable, Kate!


  2. How great to see all the animals playing about the yard. Our latest visitor was a skunk. Our Starbucks keeps closing early because of the weather/snow. My human can’t live without coffee. It’s like tuna to her or something! Hope the window gets installed soon for you.

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  3. You are keeping you eyes open, Kate. You had both good news and bad to share. The deer families are fine, and the poor window contractor guy got dumped. I’m so glad we’re back to our ordinary winter weather–clouds and rain and 40 or 50 degrees. We’re having kind of a strange foggy week. I guess that’s just a low-flying cloud.

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  4. I hope the window installation doesn’t usher in the big storm but yes, it would figure wouldn’t it? How sweet to get to see the deer and fawns outside your window. As to the fox, well that would be a treat for me as I’ve never seen one. In the Facebook forum for our City, a resident was describing a primal-type scream in the middle of the night and she thought it was a domestic violence issue and was prepared to call 911. Her hubby said it was a fox “screaming” and she thought he was making it up, so she put that theory out there – lots of people verified that foxes scream in the middle of the night. Hope that is not in the cards for you!

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  5. Happy window installation. It’s about time! I am still in awe of your choice to get dressed, get in the car, and drive to get your coffee every single day. Starbucks needs to consider some type of designation like ‘Master Coffee Drinker’ and you would definitely be the first recipient.

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    • I don’t see it much even though there is a wooded area in back of my house. Maybe I look at the wrong times but my neighbors tell me the deer go through all the time! I saw my first fox about a month ago.


  6. Deer and a fox! Now you just need some wolves and mountain lions for a real animal kingdom ro keep you entertained.

    Here, one of our neighbor’s dogs got skunked at 6 AM. She was frantically texting me for advice on the de-skunk formula, which I was happy to give. Then she asked how to save the dog’s pajamas and I said, “Burn them.”

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  7. Adore the Dave Barry quote. I’m glad your kitchen project is progressing even if it is at a turtle’s pace. I know how you feel about it being your last kitchen remodel. Ten years in and I still refer to our kitchen as the *new* kitchen.

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  8. YAY for the window! Sorry about the broken-hearted contractor though. I just love seeing the deer around our community. Much of it is wooded including most of our backyard which leads down to the stream. The deer hang out down there a LOT and visit my bird feeders and shrubbery frequently. I love seeing the “babies” and get quite depressed if one disappears – people drive like maniacs through our community. Dave Barry – very wise man – he understands!!

    Hugs, Pam

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  9. I’m happy to hear your window is finally in sight. My sister just ordered a whole house full of windows. I very cruelly shaed your window horror story with her. She blanched but was stoic, saying “well better to change windows in spring or summer than winter.” Its good to have a philosophy.

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    • My contractor said that windows have a 4 month lead time these days. He was able to find one that was surplus at another job. Hope it works out ok. My window impacted my backsplash or I wouldn’t have cared as much.


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