Reflecting on summer at the halfway mark


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We are halfway through summer. It is different from other summers. Big time. Some good. Some bad. Some just different. Weather – Just. Plain. Crazy. We had a lot of rain and after a slow start, a lot of heat. … Continue reading

Short and not so sweet with a few baby steps thrown in


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If you’re looking for Sassy Cats, there was a celebrity edition yesterday. Mollie has recovered from her notoriety and is sleeping peacefully in a catnip haze. She was catting around last night (in the house of course). Too much celebrating! … Continue reading

Random 5 for October 4 – Closets, Summer, Rain, Projects, Follow-up


My closet is heaving a sigh of relief! — This week I did a major clothing clean out. I do this every year yet I still have a ton for the donation box. Where do all these clothes come from? … Continue reading

$25 a pound for tomatoes — bargain or foolishness?


My mother always had a garden. She grew string beans, peppers, corn, herbs, some other vegetables and…..drum roll please!…..tomatoes. If you never had a tomato right from the plant, you haven’t had a good one. The problem with tomatoes is that you … Continue reading