Sassy cats – The burning candle


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Gracie was at the veterinarian for her annual shots this week. My vet has a system. When the candle on the counter is burning, someone is saying goodbye to their beloved pet. This was the first time I encountered a … Continue reading

Random 5 for September 27 – Projects, wallpaper, TV, instinct, loss


Another project? – We painted another back hallway in our house. I like the piece by piece strategy. We aren’t living in chaos. (I don’t do well in chaos, especially kitchen chaos. Let’s just say it makes me more than … Continue reading

Random 5 for September 20 – Mojo, Starbucks, frogs, raccoon, projects


Mojo? Where are you? – This has been a sad week. Missing my cat has sapped my energy (and my writing inspiration). It was easier to tell people “I lost a good friend.” Here’s hoping the mojo comes back! Starbucks? … Continue reading