Random 5 for September 20 – Mojo, Starbucks, frogs, raccoon, projects

Mojo? Where are you? – This has been a sad week. Missing my cat has sapped my energy (and my writing inspiration). It was easier to tell people “I lost a good friend.” Here’s hoping the mojo comes back!

Starbucks? What the? – As if this week wasn’t tough enough, Starbucks forgot to put the mocha in my mocha latte twice. TWICE! New people isn’t a good enough excuse. They did make good on one but I ended up putting Hershey’s syrup in the other! A mocha latte without the mocha tastes like hot milk. Yuck!

Be afraid – I love frogs, all of them but I rehome bullfrogs to our nearby stream because of the mating noise they make all night. (Seriously, they must be great lovers from the sound of it! “Oh honey!” “More, please more.” It’s downright embarrassing!) Last year I had two. There were tons of eggs that I thought they were from the green frogs. This year there is one young frog that is colored differently and cautious of people. Oh dear…..

Bed and breakfast closed! – Remember my story about the raccoon getting into the screened porch through the cat door? (It’s here in case you didn’t read it.) This week I was looking at the cat door which is completely closed now and I saw muddy paw prints that didn’t belong to my old cat. Someone must have been trying to take a tour of our lovely room. I wonder if they were going to book a weekend getaway.

It’s done! At least part of it! – This past week we repainted our kitchen. The hard part was removing the wallpaper and cleaning the walls. Fortunately I had done the wallpapering and I did it right. Everything came off easily and cleaned up fast. I like the new look. I may repaint another wall. You never know. One project always leads to another.

So how was your week?

67 thoughts on “Random 5 for September 20 – Mojo, Starbucks, frogs, raccoon, projects

  1. Jealous of your quick painting job/kitchen re-do. Impressive.
    The raccoon must have heard there was an animal vacancy and was hoping you would mistake him for a needy cat. (Those little hand prints! Cute, but uh, outside, please.) Molly “found” a small opossum and tried to carry it inside. We had to decline hosting. She was kind enough to place it back on the grass where it stayed very still until we ran inside and turned out all the light. It left, but I fear it’s just on the other side of the fence. No more cat doors for us. (Besides with the last one, the big Bouvier that was scared of thunder tried to use it…got his head through and bent up everything.)
    Hope you get your coffee magic back soon. Nothing worse than not as expected – and waited so long for it – coffee.


    • The kitchen job was just a paint job. Nothing much but elbow grease. No new cabinets or floors or counters. Jake liked to invite guests in. Problem was that most of them died somewhere inside. The challenge was to find it before it smelled too badly. I have a picture of that dog with the head through the cat door in my head. Made me laugh. No more cat doors for us either. All cats safe inside. Coffee’s been good this week. Maybe they heard me yelling! Thanks for stopping by for a chat. Next time I’ll put the pot on the stove!

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  2. Been thinking about you this week, and your Jake. I have an aging cat myself — no matter how prepared I try to be, the loss will come as a blow. I hope you have been able to be good to yourself this week, and I have no doubt the mojo will come back in its own time.

    Also? I’m happy to put a hex on the Starbucks mocha-pumper-people, if that would be helpful!

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  3. That would be a good name for your new cat (!!!!!!)…. Mojo… here Mojo….
    Hoping you can come over and paint my kitchen… actually it is too far gone for mere paint…so never mind… enjoy your makeover.

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  4. It’s completely understandable to me that you have lost your mojo! I know it will return, but losing your sweet Jake is reason to be blue. It will take a little time, and I’m sure you know that. Meanwhile, to have Starbucks leave you flat at such a time is almost unforgivable. I modified it to “almost” because I’m not sure you could handle another permanent loss. I do hope this next week is a good one, Kate. On top of it all…good luck with the frogs! 🙂


  5. Good for you for getting stuff done this week, in spite of it all. Keep going, Kate. It will get easier. I swear. Sort of.
    What did I do this week? Write poems. Sigh. Getting so so so exhausted. I’m 2/3 through now, so I plan on making it to the finish line.


  6. Of course you miss Jake. I miss him, and didn’t even know him. As far as that bullfrog goes, I wish he’d teach me his mating call. Maybe he’s free to teach at the Learning Annex. I’m pretty sure he’d sell out. It’s Sunday in New York.


    • By accident. I cut out the juniper groundcover and one was hiding there. It was daytime. I don’t know if he thought I didn’t see him but I was able to net him. The other was in the muck at the bottom of the pond when I cleaned it out last year. She (or he) came up with a net of disgusting smelling muck. Both were rehomed at the same place but a couple weeks apart. I was hoping they’d find each other.

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  7. Wow, those bullfrogs must be real Romeos. Hilarious! You could sell tickets.
    Your mocha-less latte reminds me of the time my husband got a burger-less cheeseburger at McDonald’s (yes, we were desperate).
    Your mojo hasn’t gone too far and it will return. It just needs a little time off right now.


  8. Truly have thought about you every day. Please give your other kitties some extra love and treats (even tho she is on a diet!) It should help you. They will wonder what has gotten in to you.
    Bruce has all but given up on Starbucks. He too drinks decafe and lately every cup he got had the grinds at the bottom of his cup. He doesn’t like to chew coffee. I hope your local SB gets better. It is a small thing, but becomes huge when it is wrong.


    • Coffee is a big deal. It’s the first thing I have in the morning and takes away the “grouch.” (but only when it’s good!) I never had grounds in the bottom. That’s just bad filtering and easy for SB to fix.


  9. Many years ago I made a stupid move. I was fed up with my cats for being so messy when they ate, so I put their dishes on the deck. The food attracted a raccoon, and the same raccoon attacked the neighbor’s dog. Those raccoons can be nasty critters.

    It’s nice to complete a bit project. And yes, it’s important to do the wallpaper right. Twenty years ago while remodeling a house that was new to us, I had to scrape the wallpaper off the bathroom wall inch by inch. What color did you paint your kitchen?


    • Oh my! I had put some dry cat food out during the summer when a neighbor’s cat went missing. I had it out two days and got no takers at all. I decided not to leave it out because we can get opossum too. My cats get their food on a plastic place mat that can be easily washed. My old cat got sloppy in his old age and it was occasionally on the floor but for the rest it worked.


  10. Oh my gosh… they forgot the mocha in your mocha coffee? How hard can it be to remember to put mocha in?

    I understand about one job leading to another! We finally had our new cabinets installed and I’m now eyeing our powder room for a repaint. I should know better, but apparently I don’t.


    • When one area is spruced up it makes other areas look shabby. They probably aren’t but in our eyes, they need work! We are going to redo the back hallway for sure! We did the hallway to the porch, then the kitchen. As we did each we liked it better and better. Let’s hope we can stop there.


  11. Congrats on your painting project in the kitchen.

    “The Case of the MISSING MOCHA” ~> Do you taste your latte for mocha before pulling away from the drive-through or walking away from the counter?

    KEEP AN EYE ON THEM >>> 🙄 😯 😎


    • I always checked the label because I get decaf. If they give me caffeine by mistake I will vibrate for 8 hours. I usually taste it before I’m out of the parking lot. The problem with the mocha is sometimes they don’t “stir” it and it’s at the bottom. I thought that was the case but when I got home I stirred and stirred and no mocha appeared (wishing doesn’t make it so). I even dumped the drink into another cup to see if it was stuck to the bottom. Nope! No chocolate anywhere. Thank God I had Hershey’s but it’s not the same.


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