Random 5 for September 13 – Cats, granddaughters, fences, Starbucks, Mom


Completed fence gate

The week that was – This was a really tough week. I said goodbye to my best buddy who has been with me for almost two decades. I forgot how painful loss is. Thanks to all of you who left kind comments on yesterday’s post. I know many of you have lost a pet yourself. Please know that having your support helped.

Timing is everything – On the same day my granddaughters flew in for the weekend. It’s been long-planned but the timing was unfortunate. We are enjoying ourselves although I’m not always in the present. Youth brings an energy that’s healing.

Done, done, done! – Our two-day fence job turned into a six-day job. The contractor wasn’t at fault as they hit stone and bad weather. The intrusion of workers around the house didn’t help make the week any more pleasant although they tried to keep out of the way. It’s all done. If we are lucky it will stop the invasion of the deer.

On a positive note – Starbucks mocha latte is my anesthetic of choice so there were a few days when I had two. (No judgements please!) Since most baristas are college students, this is the time of the year when the employee turnover is great. Yesterday I asked one of the new ones how she was doing. She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and said, “I’m living the dream.” I laughed all the way home. She’s sassy. I’m gonna love her.

Happy birthday Mom! – Today is my mother’s birthday. She would be well over 100 years old. I’ll toast her later today with her favorite brew and maybe this week I’ll post another Tess Tale. She definitely was one of a kind.

So how was your week? I sure could use a happy story!

51 thoughts on “Random 5 for September 13 – Cats, granddaughters, fences, Starbucks, Mom

  1. It’s the perfect gate (Love the double edge trim style at the curved top. Curved top – just wonderful)
    Funny how life sends a hug /grandkids when they really make a difference.
    Happy Birthday Mom! (Smiles sent )
    Keep that Starbucks barista – she’s got style and wit.(How nice of you to notice /chat with her)
    Our last batch of wood flooring arrive and maybe – maybe in 2 weeks the furniture will be back to as normal as it gets…ok 3 weeks…but before Christmas! Progress. I keep muttering slow progress…


  2. I’d really enjoy another Tess story, Kate. I think it would be nice to reflect on some of your wonderful “mom stories” to make you smile during this difficult time. Anyone who doesn’t understand how hard it is when well-loved pet moves on has just never experienced the heartache! No judgment from me–you have all the Starbucks you want. Maybe we should send some donations in Jake’s name. This coffee beverages can get a little pricey! oxo

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    • Thanks. I’ve been having a little trouble with inspiration this past week but today is better. Today they forgot my mocha in my mocha latte. That makes it taste like warm milk, very expensive warm milk. They better fix it tomorrow!


  3. So much for me to comment on here and I don’t want to blather on or type a novel. Know that you have been on my mind. Our Z Cat has been gone since 2009 and I still think I see her coming around the corner in the hall or curled up on the porch chair. I must try your mocha latte!


  4. You were our amazing Grammy Kate this week (as always), despite awful circumstances. Rowan and Maya keep saying “I want to go back to Gramps’ and Grammy Kate’s!!”

    Much love and thank you for being you!!

    – Essi and your granddaughters


    • Yes it is. Because of his health he’s been a lot of extra work for many months. I expected to feel some level of relief along with the sadness but there isn’t any. At the end of the day I didn’t mind the extra work at all. Thanks for your kind comments.

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      • Yes, Mac was so much work for the past couple of years. Our whole lives were formed around taking care of him. I didn’t wait long to get Nakana so I’ve been really focused on her and integrating her with the others. When I stop thinking about her I get too sad about Mac, so I try to focus on her. One thing I have noticed though is that my other cats–certain things about their health–were neglected because of so much attention on Mac. Felix hadn’t had his teeth cleaned for too long, for instance. I didn’t even realize it because of Mac–and then of course Pear getting sick this year, too.

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  5. So sorry about Jake, Kate. Like others have already written I still see my cat, Jesse, every so often out of the corner of my eye (and it’s been 7 or 8 years). I never got another cat, too heartbreaking when they go. Multiple mocha lattes sound just right. So does a visit from your granddaughters. Nice fence, too.


  6. When I lost my favorite cat, Polly, it took a while before I stopped seeing her everywhere … like a little gray ghost.

    There’s something so delightfully touching about your new barista’s comment. Such a positive attitude. I hope she stays.

    Your new fence is good looking, and sophisticated.


  7. I still – after about ten years – catch a glimpse of my kittie every now and then. They become part of your life’s landscape and their imprint remains with you forever. How are your other fur buddies adjusting?

    Great fence! It looks pretty deer-proof to me.


  8. What a week! So much emotion and change. I’ve been thinking of you and hoping that as each day goes by you’ll feel a bit better about Jake, remembering the wonderful times more often than the sadness at the end.


    • I am hoping that I can relay the funny stories soon without sobs (and there are a ton of them including him bopping me on the head when I brought Morgan home). I could almost hear him say, “What’s the matter with you? We don’t need another cat!” (or maybe that way my husband).

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  9. Sometimes timing can seem wrong but it turns out to be right. I got engaged on the day I had to put my childhood dog down, the dog I called “my sister.” I always said planning a wedding helps take your mind off of things! Hope the granddaughters helped take your mind off of things.


  10. Those first few days and weeks after losing a pet are awful. It’s so hard to focus on anything. Instead, I’d suggest you sit back and enjoy your mocha latte, your granddaughters, your beautiful fence and the lovely, deer-free yard it surrounds. Oh, and your fun new barista.
    I’d love to read some Tess Tales. She sounds wonderful!


    • I have some Tess Tales in my archives and if you’re inclined I’d suggest Dressing up for the Vet as it’s also a cat story. You are right about the focus. It comes in waves. I’m great and then I lose it. I forget what I’m doing or need to be somewhere else. Time. It all takes time. After the company leaves tomorrow we can get back to our routine too. I have always found normal routine to be soothing.

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      • Yup, routine is soothing for me as well. I hope the pain will subside somewhat before too long, Kate.
        Thanks for the Tess Tales suggestion ~ I’ll check it out.


  11. Yesterday, after hearing the sad news about Jake, I thought back on recent shares about him and ended up smiling at the thought of his having one last “night on the town” . . . when he stayed out all night. And left you to wrestle the raccoon.

    Jake going AWOL is a bit like “The 100-year-old man who climbed out the window and disappeared,” except for the fact that Jake didn’t find a suitcase of money.

    Glad your granddaughters are there. Joy is a healer.

    Loved this:

    “She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and said, “I’m living the dream.” I laughed all the way home. She’s sassy. I’m gonna love her.”


    • I’ve thought of his last “harrah” myself. He couldn’t see well. I thought the fence would keep him confined to the yard (not that he has ventured much farther in a long time). As it turned out it wasn’t finished until the day after he was gone but during construction he was able to walk through the rails quite easily. What a cat!


  12. Living a dream. Aww… stick with her. Sounds like she is a drug for healing. I dread the day that I have to go through the death of Maurice and Lucy. Sigh. The goodness, storm in BC gone!. Still have to clean up the yard. Nice fence.

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  13. I think your grandkids served as good medicine distracting you a bit from your loss. Losing a four-legged buddy is tough since no one loves you quite the way they do.

    A small thing like Starbucks can comfort as well. It’s like you’re little again and your mom kissed your scraped knee. Will look forward to another essay on Tess. Love that name…Tess of the Urbervilles, spelled wrong.

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  14. Kate, you gave Jake one great life, let’s hope his next eight are equally good. I think your right about the arrival of your granddaughters—they’ll bring a welcome energy for the healing process. Ah, the walls of Jericho are up! Better tip that girl, Kate. ;o)

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  15. I’ve been thinking about you and your Jake. It’s been over 2 years and I still miss my Frankie bear. Give yourself lots of time, and starbucks of course.

    Beautiful new fence!

    Our grand-children’s Mother moved out of state — I get to spend today with 2 happy little faces, loving on them and… making slime, Life is good. Our boy with the big shoulders? Couldn’t be prouder! MJ

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    • Yes, I remember your Frankie. I remember the pain you had too. Time helps, so they say. I read that the ex moved out of state and wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Sounds like you (and your son) will make it work. What a great Grammy! Just sent the granddaughters off to an amusement park with their Gramps. Hopefully they will come back happy and tired.


      • Time helps but death still sucks. Period. You will miss your boy, it’s just that simple and I’m sorry for the loss.

        Her moving is hard on the kids but it will be a good thing if she stays gone – it will not be good to have the bingo bongo which is what I suspect will happen – that’s how she rolls, it’s always about her, never about them ~ sigh.

        What a cool Gramps to take them to the amusement park – hope it goes great 😀 MJ


  16. This past week my daughter, Michelle, introduced a mocha frapichino to my daughter, Carla, who was visiting from Montreal. That night Carla dreamed about the drink and next day we were at Starbucks again! And this time Carla introduced it to daughter, Monica!!! So funny!
    Still thinking about Jake and how lost you must feel. 😢

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