Sassy cats – Just stuff and pictures

Hi all, Gracie here. This week’s mahjongg game was cancelled and the peep was grumpy. Today she is getting another eye treatment. The one she hates so another reason to be grumpy (and drink more lattes…or margaritas! It’s all time dependent).

Gus: No eye drops!

Gus looks like he might be getting an eye infection. His one eye is watery and he holds it at half-mast. Bad sign. Among the peep’s least favorite cat chores (even below cleaning the litter box) is putting drops in Gus’s eye. With her own eye treatment giving her blurry vision it may have to wait.

I get a mild laxative in my breakfast to help with the hairballs. Most days I eat it just fine. Some days it doesn’t suit me and the peep has to watch over my food. This week, it got away from the peep and Gus got a dose of laxative. Won’t hurt him and there were no “adverse effects” in the litter box so all is good. Never a dull moment in a multi-cat house.

I have a few pictures for you.

Gracie: Sasha scooched into my bed with her large bum. The other one was empty. Go figure!

the resident couple canoodling!

Wishing you all a great weekend!

47 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Just stuff and pictures

  1. Hi Gracie! It sounds like you and your peep have been going through some challenging times. I hope your peep’s eye treatment goes well and that she feels better soon. Poor Gus, I hope his eye infection clears up quickly too. Dealing with eye drops can be quite a task, especially when your peep’s vision is blurry. And as for your mild laxative, it’s good to hear there were no adverse effects. Wishing you all smoother days ahead. Thank you for sharing your updates with us!

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  2. This post is both funny and heartwarming! The author’s love for their pets is evident, and it’s endearing to hear about the struggles they face while taking care of them. I hope the peep’s eye treatment goes well and that Gus’s eye infection clears up soon. It’s lovely to see how the author takes care of their pets, even when it involves unpleasant tasks like giving eye drops or administering laxatives. Thank you, author, for sharing this delightful post with us.

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  3. I found Gracie’s post to be so relatable! The struggles of administering medication to our furry friends can be quite frustrating. I can understand why the peep finds putting drops in Gus’s eye to be a difficult task, especially with her own vision being blurry. It’s great to see that the cats are well taken care of and given the necessary medication, even if it’s not the easiest task. It’s also heartwarming to see how much the peep cares for her furry companions. Thank you, Gracie, for sharing this update with us and giving us a glimpse into your world. Best wishes to you and your peep!

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  4. I thought of you yesterday when I was at the vet dropping a mortgage payment for special shampoo. Anyway, a big bright orange cat came rolling past me in a carrier with wheels. His name was Cheddar. I damn near lost it because he did look like a wedge of cheddar cheese.
    I hope Gus’s eye clears up.

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  5. So much going on! I hope the peep is recovering nicely from the eye treatment – did it help to know what to expect or did it make it worse?

    I will also wish Gus a speedy recovery. I cannot imagine getting eyedrops into Zoe’s eyes. I had a big dog who had to get eyedrops for a corneal ulcer. He was very good. He sat patiently between my feet and leaned back against me. He lifted his chin and didn’t try to squirm away. And he screwed his eye so tightly shut that I could not pry it open. It did eventually heal despite our many fails with the drops.

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    • I don’t know if it helped. My eyelid blew up and I couldn’t open my eye this morning (didn’t happen last time) but it’s calmed down now. I get the thing taken out on Monday so I’m counting the hours. When Gus first came he had an eye infection. He wasn’t comfortable with me either so it was a chore. I had to bundle him in a towel and he knew. The only thing that saved me was that I kept him in a room isolated until he got used to the house or he would have hidden somewhere I couldn’t find.

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  6. Good luck with the eye treatment. I can only imagine how much you detest the treatments, but put it in perspective this way – – you can’t drive to Starbucks if you lose your sight!! Not to mention, how are you going to take care of the multiple furry masters of the house if you can’t see to do it?

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