Sassy cats – I’m late, I’m late

Here I am on the new kitchen chair!

Gracie here. The peep had her last eye procedure yesterday. When she came home she had to rest. My column was at the bottom of her list. She needs to change her priorities. I have fans!

There is some news to report. Sasha, who has turned into a real chonker, had a matted turd. She couldn’t get it off. Gawd did that stink, stank, stunk! Even us cats stayed away from that stonky booty!. That didn’t stop the peep. She cleaned it and gave her a butt clip. Sasha is a very tactile cat. As long as you are touching her and it doesn’t hurt, she will let you do anything. The rest of us aren’t so cooperative! No one’s touching my booty! Nope. Nada.

Did not stink!

The peeps are getting some new furniture. They brought fabric samples home. She wants me to barf on one so she can see how it cleans. What? Does she think I can hork a hairball on command? Well maybe. We’ll see. Maybe during the football game today. That gets the male peep excited.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend (and go Eagles!).

Gus and Sasha canoodling post stonk removal!

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