Sassy cats — Back to almost normal

It’s the peep. Gracie is still on sick leave (milking it for sure!) and the rest are in a food stupor which comes after they steal each other’s food. They have yet to figure out it all comes out of the same cans.

Gracie is fine. Her peeps are still in recovery.  The medication trauma every morning wore everyone out. The industry needs to come up with ways to disguise meds to get INTO cats. (I’m at old hand at this. Gracie defies the burrito wrap and to some extent, even scruffing.) The vet said to mix with food. That didn’t work. I could smell the medicinal odor and Gracie’s sense of smell is better than mine. They also gave me (and charged me for) two bottles. At the checkup the vet said I could stop it. I have a full unopened bottle that I paid for plus about a quarter of the first bottle.

As for her ears, still no answer. There is no bacteria, yeast or polyps. I will continue to clean them and hope for the best. If it builds up again, I may try her old vet. She is a cat only vet and has a lot of experience with weird cat specific things.

As for the other cats, their niceness is wearing off. It wasn’t going to last but I appreciate that they tried.

The tooth fairy Ellen from 15 cats and meowing sent a package full of hand crocheted catnip toys. (Note to readers: Ellen’s blog link wasn’t working for me this morning. Not sure why but I sent a message to Ellen.) Gracie felt well enough to slobber on everything. It included a “silvervine” toast which is a crocheted tan square (looks like a slice of toast) with silvervine on it. I never heard of it. Gracie wasn’t impressed but Sasha took it for herself and has rarely been seen since. (Wonder if they have that for peeps?) It has the same effect as catnip. Gracie (and all the other cats) thank Ellen.

Everyone here wishes you all a great weekend.

Here is Sasha thinking we should be grateful that she took care of the silvervine toast!

51 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Back to almost normal

  1. I really don’t know why they haven’t invented a better way to pill both cats and dogs! My experience has always been to traumatize the poor animal, no matter how clever I get. I hope order has been restored and everyone is happy again!

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    • There are better ways. We have a local compounder but with the short term use, it wasn’t worth the trouble. I just don’t understand that vets don’t stock compounded meds for hard to med pets.


  2. Gracie, you look so pensive with your chin resting on the of your bed, thinking deep thoughts and watching the birds. Years ago my aunt had to pill her dog who would resist taking meds and I think they were heartworm pills. So she discovered that Apache loved wieners. So she’d make a tiny slit into one chunk of wiener and slide that pill in, then tap it down to kind of “seam it shut” – this was the only way she could fool him. She’d give him a half-dozen chunks first, then wham. It was down the hatch. Easier with dogs I guess.

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  3. I have had to switch to a cat only vet. There isn’t one near me in Inland So Cal so I have to go all the way to Orange County (50 minuts ifthe freeway is cooperating, 90+ minutes if it is not) to a cat only vet. My old man cat was itching for 2+ years and three different vets could find no reason and told me flat out there was no allergy medicine for cats. I went to the cat vet and was told I could just give him half a tablet of Zyrtec once a day. It cleared the itching right up. I felt so bad my cat had to suffer for so long. Why do “regular” vets know so little about cats? Any way, done with my rant.

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    • Had the same with my cat Mollie. She was allergic to something and we never did find out what but a small amount of antihistamine would help. Dogs are easier on many levels. My cats are persnickety about meds. My vet has a steroid pill that is compounded. Smells like vanilla and melts fast once it’s in the mouth. So much easier. Sorry you have such a drive. Hope your cat isn’t a singer.

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    • I heard from Ellen and she has someone working on it. The “other” nip is called silvervine. It’s from a kiwi plant. I had never heard of it before but Sasha is a fan. The thing I love about cat vets is that their meds are “cat” sized. Most of the vets around here stock a dog size dosage and split it for cats. Also they have tools and a lot of experiences on things that are unique to cats.

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  4. Sorry my blog is still down. Thank you for the shout out. I am glad Gracie likes her gifts. I had a cat named Stinky, she had a food allergy that made her ears get yucky. Have a nice weekend.

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    • Monday will be the “official” back to normal day. That’s when I can put out kibble again. The other cats miss it and when Gracie is sleeping I sneak out the dishes so they can nosh on it. Up until the dental Gracie preferred kibble but she is eating the wet very well.


  5. I go to a cat-only clinic now. I was thrilled when one opened and their first customer. Now, because Boss was the first, she gets her annuals free and special treatment. Which is fantastic–the place is packed with a waiting list!

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    • We have one in our area and I’ve gone there for years. Lots of things I love about it but it doesn’t have some of the latest equipment. They don’t do dental x-rays. With Gracie’s bad teeth I wanted that rather than just a visual dental. However, you can’t beat them for weird cat things and medications. I took Mollie to an emergency vet several years ago. She was to take 1/8th of a pill. They split the pills for me but they were shards with no two alike. You can’t take a regular pill and split it in eighths! A cat clinic carries meds in cat doses. Some of them compounded just for cats. You can’t beat that.

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  6. Ellen says her computer guy is working on the problem but even SHE can’t get on her blog just now! She does make the CUTEST crocheted things… for silver vine, Teddy doesn’t react to catnip but he does to silver vine. Interesting. Glad Gracie is better……..!!

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Good to know that she has someone on it. I emailed her but didn’t get a response so I wondered if her whole system was down. I never heard of silvervine. I had to ask her what it was. Sasha sure loves it. That dang thing is slobbered up most of the time!


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