Sassy cats — Breaking news

Hi frens, Gracie here.ย  Whatever snit happened between Sasha and Gus is over. She took down her Tinder page (at least for now). Lots of mushy action going on this week. So disgusting!

But lets talk about me. I’m finally getting my dental on Monday. The peep is in a tizzy. She has to fast me overnight so that means isolate me in a room. There is always an outside chance that I will eat a mousie and ruin the timing. I won’t be easy though. I like my teefs where they are.

I’m also staying overnight at the vet. Peep not happy about that but this dental will be more extensive (and expensive) than my last one. Lots of extractions and x-rays.

Then they talked about a “cone.” My peep doesn’t like to cone any of us. Morgan had one for two days when she broke her leg. (Then she broke the peep and it came off.) Food flung everywhere, grumpy cat. She has never used one for a dental so I suspect that when I come home it will come off unless there is a very good reason. In my mind, there is no good reason. My peep is a soft touch.

So long folks. I’ll see you on the other side!

63 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Breaking news

    • I’m home but the cone had to go. It was too long for my face and I couldn’t eat with it. Once it was off, the peep wasn’t getting anywhere near me with it. Let’s see if I let her get near me with the antibiotics!


    • This dental has been a long time coming. She needed it 2 years ago but there were other issues going on. Morgan broke her leg, we moved, she has the ear thing going on (still is). It seemed less important but now it’s time. This is the first time they are keeping her overnight. Never happened to any of my cats before.


  1. Good luck on Monday . . . and during the overnight stay.

    Last time Tigger had dental work, including extractions, the vet let us take him home mid-afternoon, saying that he would be groggy the rest of the day and not interested in eating. Tigger, of course, had other plans. He came home, marched over to his food bowl, and LOUDLY asked for his breakfast!!!

    Hope you feel just as well after the procedure, Gracie.

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  2. Dear Gracie, I’m glad your teef appointment is set. I’m sure you will be happier once it’s over. Or at least I hope so. I hope you can avoid the cone. No pawing at your mouth.

    Good news about Sasha and Gus! I’m sorry you have to witness the mushy stuff but it’s okay, right?

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  3. Yikes Gracie……I hope things go well for your BIG dental appointment. Let’s hope if you have a cone when your Mom gets you, it will come off right away if it’s not really needed. Be brave dear girl… might be a little rocky the first day or two!

    Hugs, Teddy

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  4. Poor Gracie. I’ve never had a pet need to stay overnight for a dental or use a cone…can’t imagine what the scoop is, but I hope it goes okay. My own Gracie had 8 teeth out this last summer. She got some pain killers, but didn’t have an overnight or a cone. Do they think she’s going to put her paw in her mouth and dig at sutures??

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    • I asked the tech and she said that if they do a flap (good lord I don’t know what that is!) they won’t want her paws in there. I got a sense that it’s part of routine surgery rather than a need. I’ll take a cone because I don’t want to buy one and I doubt I’ll use it. As for overnight, I was freaked out too but they want her to come completely out of anesthesia before she goes home. I have to take her in before 8 a.m. but the surgery is scheduled close to noon. I remember bringing Mollie home and she was so drugged she couldn’t walk without wobbling. 8 teeth sounds like a lot for a young dog with great care. My Gracie does have bad teeth. She had a dental with extractions 5 years ago and in the interim she lost at least one more naturally. I think it was poor nutrition early on. She was the cat who went through the garbage for food despite getting a plate full of good stuff.


  5. Gracie, it sucks! I know that having just finally been released from care after John surgery six weeks ago. I suggest you be a very good kitty this weekend so that the peeps wonโ€™t decide to keep you in the cone because you were so bad. I know everything will go better once itโ€™s over and done with.

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