Sassy cats — Catching up with the lovers

Yep I’m sticking my tongue out. Great shot!

Gracie here. I was lucky at the casinos last week. Came home with a load of catnip. The peep has been obsessed with dog videos lately. She is trying to figure out how to do one with us cats. The problem is that she’s not video savvy and adding dialogue would tax her brain. Maybe though. She is tenacious! In the meantime here are the lovers (gag me with a spoon!).

Gus: I’m cleaning up for my lady! She likes clean paws mauling her!

Gus: You got some ear boogers Fluffypants. Let me clean them up for you!

Gus: I’m keeping lookout while my lady naps. Izzy, the neighbor’s cat, poaches in our yard and I have to screech at her!

The offending Izzi!

Wishing you all a great weekend!

37 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Catching up with the lovers

  1. I am tickled that Gracie reports you are thinking about doing videos with the Sassy Cats. I enjoyed your Sassy Cat post, Gracie. Your tongue out photo is ah-dorable. Hope you are having a Fall-ish lovely Saturday. We are watching Tropical Storm Ian, soon to be a hurricane, heading toward us! Our company didn’t even make it to us… they turned around and headed back home to Missouri this morning!

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  2. Tell that darn Izzy to attest be useful and keep an eye out for invasion of Vegetable Intruders!
    Your cats aware such stars…deserving all the catnip around
    (And if you figure out the video production – let us know how you managed….yep, maybe the grands’ expertise- even the youngest seem more savvy than me HAHA)

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  3. I’ve done one video. It took forever to make because I didn’t know what I was doing. I wish you well learning how to do them. The cats are stars, of course– but without a competent film crew you may be sunk.

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