Sassy cats — Catnip!

We’ve had cat happy hours this week. A puddle of catnip on the floor and everyone goes a little nuts. Ok, maybe a lot nuts. Here are some shots.

Gus: Looks like Gracie but you can’t be too careful! Front end check.

Gus: Back end check. Yup that’s Gracie! Gracie: Get outta my butt before I gas bomb you!

Sasha the ever helpful cat: How we gonna split this guys. Maybe I should go first!

The catnip coma that comes afterward! That’s a stuffed lab with a frog pillow.

Everyone here wishes you a wonderful weekend with lots of happy hours and naps.

40 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Catnip!

  1. I grow catnip on my balcony. I give it away to people who live in the building that have cats. The three cats I have now could care less about it. I have never before had a cat that didn’t love it. It’s weird.

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