Sassy cats – Vet trip coming up

Gracie is hiding under the cat tree. She’s hoping I can’t poke or prod her from there.

It’s the peep. Gracie is in hiding. The “portal to hell” is out and she suspects it’s for her. It’s the smallest carrier. At this point, she’s the only cat who fits in there.

She has always had ear issues. One gets goopy. I clean it out and in a few weeks it’s goopy again. I had it checked out a while back and it wasn’t anything but goopy ear. However, the goop is runny now and she paws at her ear so time for another checkup.

Have you noticed that the climax of this issue is on a Friday going into a weekend? Why do my cats only get sick on holidays and weekends? (Rhetorical question.) Unless it elevates to an emergency, we’re humping it out until Monday. She’s eating and pooping, both good signs.

Vet trips always disrupt the “zen” of the house. One cat gets singled out. They are whisked away for a few hours and if we’re lucky, they come home. The rest are very cautious, peering around doorways and hiding behind furniture. If they are not cautious, it could happen to them.

Morgan is giving Gracie some advice on how to win over the vet techs.

The only cat that doesn’t seem to mind is Morgan but then again, she’s the perfect cat. When she broke her leg and was in a splint for eleven weeks, she cheerfully went to the Vet each week to get wrapped. She enjoyed the attention. They put ducks and whales on her splint wrap. There was no singing the songs of her people. No hiding under the furniture. Just a “let’s get this done” attitude.

Morgan and her splint from last year.

Sasha, on the other hand, can make you nuts. She sings four-part melodies of songs never heard before at the top of her lungs. They sound like death dirges. She could win an Oscar for her “don’t touch me” performance.

Gus can be trickier to crate but he’s good with other people. Even people who wear white coats. He has a set of lungs though. Big ones. Not a fan of car rides.

I groomed Gracie with her favorite thingie and she’s happy right now.  Mellow. I almost feel guilty but she’ll feel better once the ear thing is resolved.

In the meantime, Gus and Sasha are very happy the large portal to hell isn’t out.

Happy weekend to all with no ear problems.

63 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Vet trip coming up

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cat who sang at the vet’s office. They certainly sing on the way over. I had one cat who I swear barked in the car. I am reading backwards so I know how this turned out. I was wondering if regular use of those medicated ear wipes might be useful. I had a cat prone to mildly gunky ears who really enjoyed the rubbing of just a plain cotton pad in her ears and didn’t even mind it with some warmed up peroxide on it. My mom’s cat used the medicated pads and, well he enjoyed being groomed for hours on end. The ear pads were just fine with him.


  2. Dear Gracie – sorry you didn’t post today and I hope you toughed it out for the weekend. My poodle Peppy had goopy ears and had to go to the vet all the time. Believe it or not, having had pet birds and dogs only through the years, I have never heard a caterwauling cat. I’ll have to Google it I guess. 🙂

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  3. Your cats are so adorable!! We had a cat (Ace) that had horrible meltdowns whenever he had to go to the vet. Luckily, we did not have to take him often. One day, when he was pretty old, we realized something just wasn’t right so instead of putting him through the stress of taking him to the vet, we had to call a vet that made home visits. Turns out he had cancer and was in a lot of discomfort so this wonderful, kind vet put Ace out of his misery as we held him in our arms. It was so sad, but a wonderful way to say goodbye.

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    • That was the best way for him to go. Vets offices are so sterile. The last time I had to put a cat down, they didn’t do it in an examining room but a room set aside for visits. Soft lighting and a cushions top (I also brought her favorite blankie). It still was hard.

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  4. It always feels like family medical emergencies come after hours or weekends, so cats must have that same inner radar. I hope you can make it all the way to Monday without more of a crisis. Poor Gracie. I get really anxious when I go to the doctor, too! 😦

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    • Gracie is acting better than she was earlier in the week when I thought it may be causing an earache. On the whole she’s eating and pooping so it’s not life threatening. And yes, sick equals weekends and holidays.

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  5. Yep – always late on a Friday, weekends and holidays. Goopy ears are such fun – Sometimes they smell – and then there’s the “Hey, I sill share the ear wash with everyone within sling distance.” Hope the cat ear fairy godmother somehow waves that magic wand and makes it all better!

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    • This crew isn’t as bad as others I’ve had. Both Gracie and Morgan will go inside to sniff and nap. Really weird. The other two will sniff outside and then skedaddle. I’ve have cats that are under the biggest bed from the time it comes out until it gets put away. One would have to be nudged from under the bed with a broomstick to catch him.

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  6. Hope Gracie makes it to Monday. Goopy ears are ickie and for some reason always hard to clear up. I used to have goopy ears because my ears were overachievers when it came to ear wax and I always had swimmer’s ear in the summer. Morgan’s broken leg was such a weird flukey thing. She was a very good girl during her recuperation.

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  7. Aww, goopy ears are the pits so you have our condolences for the need for a follow up, not to mention the ride in the portal to hell. We hope all goes well. Norman seems prone to some ear issues so I routinely use a few essential oils to keep the head shaking to a minimum. It works and is far cheaper than a vet visit that can be traumatic for the furry sect. Good luck!

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  8. My late dog, Lucy – without fail – would get deathly ill on a weekend (preferably a long weekend), necessitating a quick and very spendy trip to the emergency vet. Her sense of timing was immaculate. I hope Gracie can hang in there until Monday, and get quickly put back to full health!


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    • I had the choice of requesting an emergency visit which almost doubled the cost (which already is spendy). She’s eating and pooping so I opted to hump it out until Monday. If it gets worse or she gets miserable, I will take her to the emergency center before. Yep, all my cats get sick on weekends and holidays. Morgan broke her leg on a Friday and I didn’t see it until dinnertime so a Saturday emergency. Every Jake crisis was like that too. I took him to the vet on the 4th of July! Hazel died on New Year’s Eve. I could go on but you get the gist of it.

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  9. Interesting how each handles it differently. I’ve had two cats since I’ve been married, and both despised the car and the vet (no longer with us). Their songs of sorrow sounded achingly desperate. I know what you mean about holidays. My first dog broke his leg right when Memorial Day weekend was beginning. Second dog, Max, got sick nearing the end of his life over New Year’s weekend.
    Hope Gracie is feeling better soon. Have a nice weekend.

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  10. The only cat I have ever had that liked going to the vet was Dolly. She was fine getting in the carrier and on the car ride and loved the vet’s attention. Sophie isn’t easy to get to the vet but is fine once there. Same with Jack. Teddy, well is Teddy, hard to get into carrier then hard to get out when at the vet. Once the vet is finished, I put him on the floor and he runs into the carrier, ready to go home.

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  11. our vet trips are alwas kamikaze missions and I postboned the annual torture day .. even the great honor to be pita-clients #1 now after people with the eurasier moved was no comfort or stimulus to accept ths challenge in that heat… happy weekend to you all

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