Sassy cats — No one subs!

Gracie here. I hopped a bus to the casino today. Sasha was supposed to fill in. I came home and found her like this and NO POST! Something about comfy quilts and an exhausting adventure last night. Argh!

Sasha stayed in this position for the better part of the day forsaking her blog posting duties.

Peeps been busy. The deck is almost done. Furniture is out but they are predicting a rainy weekend. Not sure though. My fur says otherwise. So who will you believe?

Have a great weekend!

34 thoughts on “Sassy cats — No one subs!

  1. Both Gracie and Sasha look completely worn out! I imagine them having been busy watching deck construction. And it’s almost done! I hope that it is completely done very soon! Furniture is a very good sign.

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  2. That’s some crazy fur, Sasha! I have to work hard with mousse and styling glaze to get my hair to look like that. You are lucky to have all that floofy thick furs. I am reading the deck is almost done! Will there be a tint or film on the plexiglass to help with the sun? I am excited, and I mean excited.. (!!) to see the final pictures!

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