Sassy cats — Just pictures

Gracie here waiting for the casino bus. We have new pictures of stuff that doesn’t happen often. The contractors disrupt our peace and quiet so we hang together more than usual!

Catnip? We couldn’t believe our luck. It’s like mana from heaven. We were all cautiously smelling it just to be sure it wasn’t a trick.

Sasha and Morgan are napping on the lounge. Together. At the same time. Rarely happens like this.

Gotta go. Casino bus is here! Hugs, Gracie

31 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Just pictures

  1. Sasha and Morgan make me smile. Zoe and Charlie used to cuddle together. In fact, Charlie used to sit on her until she gave in and washed him. These days, they fight over the preferred rug or who owns the glider rocker. I think that Zoe can sense that Charlie is growing weak and is taking no guff off of him.

    I’m glad that Gracie got her casino trip and the free kibble snacks. Woot! But did she miss the ‘nip at home?

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  2. Gracie – glad you and your pals got a treat for hanging in there with the renovations. They’re snoozing after imbibing in some ‘nip and you’re off to the casino? You are made of stronger stuff I guess.

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  3. The photo of all of them inspecting the cat nip is great! Fun seeing them all together. And it looks like Sasha and Morgan have the right idea about a morning nap. 🙂 Happy weekend to all of you!

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