Sassy cats — Pictures

From time to time the cats switch up their favorite spots. This week I saw a first. I have a huge, life-sized black lab stuffed dog laying on the guest bed. I’ve had it for many years. The cats snuggle it but no one has ever slept on top of it until this week!

In this photo, she is kneading the stuffy. You can hear her purrs throbbing through the house.

Here she is settling down for a nap on her buddy.

Since Sasha needs her time too, here she is with her kicky toy.

Hey peep! More nip!

Wishing you all a great weekend!

44 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Pictures

  1. Hahaha, so funny! And pretties. You are right that cats like to switch it up. Tiger Queenie had been sleeping on the piano fake fur a lot. Then she moved back to the bride’s chest. Then she moved to a chair that nobody sits in. Now she found a place on some old catalogs next to the fireplace, hidden behind a big artificial arrangement. Driving me nuts looking for her. She’s the one I’m watching now, btw. Hyperthyroid, probable pancreatitis, kidney disease, and a growth removed from her neck by freezing. 😦

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      • Ah yes, the laxatone. All my cats get laxatone at this point. And additionally, Kana gets Slippery Elm, Tiger gets Miralax, and Sloopy Anne gets psyllium. Tiger is now getting thyroid meds as well AND hyracare. Woot! And occasionally I find little bits of dried laxatone around the house haha.

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        • Oh my! That’s a full time job. Gracie still vomits more than she should but none of the x-rays or blood work showed anything. Even with laxatone she barfs a healthy hairball once or twice a week. She is a thin haired cat, not floofy at all but I’m brushing her more often to see if that will help. The hard part is that when I pull out the brush all the cats come running. They all like it more than Gracie does.

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  2. Perhaps that kitty needs a dog! My dear old dog went into deep mourning when Charlie the First died. It got bad enough that I went out and got him a kitten before I was ready to have a new cat. That was the happiest dog in the world and the most spoiled kitten – as my 65 pound chow gave the 2 pound kitten his entire bed to sleep in. And so it came to pass that after many happy years together that Stasia mourned for him.

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      • Adult cats do seem harder to introduce to puppies than adult dogs do to kittens, at least in my experience. Charlie the First and Chester never did come to love the puppy although he thought they were the greatest of friends. But I’m sure she’s happy with the comfortable stuffie.

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