Sassy cats – News of the day

Gracie here! Breaking news! Stuff is happening in the kitchen. Peeps coming and going and big boxes coming in but I’m not writing about that just yet.

I have a story for you that is hysterical, at least from a cat point of view and that’s the important point of view.

Sasha had a barfy day yesterday. She barfed every time she ate. At first it was a hairball but then it was food. She eats too fast. The lady peep was getting tired of cleaning up after her. After dinner when Sasha started to make the gaggy noises, the peep yelled “Not on the carpet! Not on the carpet!”

She raced in and swooped up Sasha. She tried to carry Sasha to the hardwood floor three feet away. As if by magic Sasha began barfing. It was a perfect arc that included six feet of carpeting. Remember she was only three feet away from the hardwood so this took skill. As if that wasn’t enough, she did a stream of three feet on the hardwood. Food bits glued together with stomach acid and gluey mouth mucous. Very cool!

Us cats were laughing so hard our sides ached. Gus, the newest mancat asked how long the peep has had cats. Morgan, the oldest, said there were cats here when she come to live and one was a really old one. By our feline calculations it had to be eons. Maybe even when the dinosaurs lived. Gus then asked why she thought that Sasha wouldn’t barf on the carpet? Or why she thought we would listen when given a command? Did she think we were stinky dogs?

That’s when the laughing began! Sasha paraded around proudly. Her work for the day was done. The peep was on her hands and knees cleaning carpet and her co-conspirators were all high-fiving. The only thing that would make it better was a little catnip to celebrate.

I did good!

55 thoughts on “Sassy cats – News of the day

  1. Dear Gracie – I chuckled at “a cat point of view and *that’s the important point of view*” and I enjoyed reading about all the barfing antics by Sasha and you cats all laughing hysterically. But … be nice to the Peeps – they have their fingers on the pulse of the household a/k/a the ability to cancel those nice weekly Chewy deliveries with a click of a mouse (and not the kind of mouse you’re thinking of)!

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  2. Oh, Sasha, you floor me!! When will they learn? Sometimes I eat too fast and get a tummy ache, too. It just feels good to release it, right? I’ve never reached the 6-foot arc though. Quite impressive. Now I have something to aim for. Thanks

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  3. “Maybe even when the dinosaurs lived. Gus then asked why she thought that Sasha wouldn’t barf on the carpet? Or why she thought we would listen when given a command? Did she think we were stinky dogs?”
    I am laughing sooooo hard. (Actually sending much sympathy…but chortling as it is a bit “I Love Lucy” funny.
    Have a great weekend

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  4. Jack barfs quite often and usually on wood floors. Teddy rarely barfs, when he does it’s epic and on carpet. So far Sophie hasn’t barfed but wants to eat the boys contribution. As for Sophie, she poops on the floor next to the box twice for every one time she uses the box. Drives me crazy. Going to try a different litter and see if she will change her bad habit. Good news about the kitchen!

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  5. We are not going to have any more pets, and this post underlined our determination. I’m feeling sorry for you, Kate. Sadie has barfed twice on my watch, once on my bedroom carpet. I love her and will care for her as long as she is here, but that’s it.

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  6. not even dogs follow any command at this front ….. you can hold a towel in front of them or you can try to remove them from the carpet… then you have 87 hits instead of just one ;O) all the good luck with the kitchen and a good weekend to you all….

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  7. Well Gracie, some of us have lived with cats forever – those eons – and then some, but there is always HOPE that you will listen to us, even if it is just a one-off!

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