Sassy cats — The lovers

Sasha here! This week I’m posting pictures of my beautiful self. Gus has been hanging around. He’s like a moth to a flame (I’m the flame you know!).

The peeps were busy doing house stuff and we cats either helped or tried to stay out of the way or maybe “indaway.”

Gus cleaned me up for my picture taking!

Sasha: Now I’m perfect! Gus: I’ve got my eye on you. This is my girl! Find your own!

We also like the upstairs-downstairs seating on this loveseat. One of us has a window view.

We all hope you have a great weekend. We are getting a houseguest so Sasha is checking all her hidey spots.

54 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The lovers

    • Umm…well…okay maybe. The peep eliminated free standing kibble but gives a little at meal time. Only Gracie gets a midday snack although Morgan sometimes finishes it. The grays don’t need the diet. One side effect is that all the wet food goes. Before, there were always some that got dried out and old (old is defined as an hour old). Now everything wet gets eaten. It’s going to be a long slow process.

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