Random 5 or October 24, 2021 – Technology, hospitals, contractors, routines, words

Well, that’s cool – I can get emails through my new car’s AV system. A notification pops up on the huge screen and I have the option to ignore or read. I never read because there is nothing important enough to disrupt my driving. An email notice from my niece popped up. My eldest brother is in poor health so I was concerned. Since I was at a red light I thought it would be safe to read it. I pressed read and a woman’s voice filled the car and read the email. Yeowza! My niece does a lot of abbreviations and emojis which the woman read. She ended the sentences with “laughing out loud” or “smiley face.” It was pretty funny.

Aside from the novelty of delivery, the message was not good. — My brother is back in the hospital. He is in his 90s. His wife died about a month ago so we are concerned. At that age it’s hard to lose a life partner and keep the will to live.

Contractors – This week we had the first part of a window replacement done. Windows, along with everything else, take forever to get. The old routine four to six weeks is now closer to four months. The contractor took out the old and framed for the new one which will be taller. He then put the old one back in and covered the hole. Fingers crossed the new one comes before the snows. Because of the way the house sits (with a walkout basement), the window, although in the kitchen, is a story up from the ground requiring ladders and a scaffold.

And contractors again – As a solitary person, I find having people in my house for extended periods disruptive. It interrupts my focus and my routine. I’m already dreading the six week kitchen job (don’t ask me what takes so long as I don’t know).

Special language – Contractors always have their own language. — Soon means “I have no idea when.” “I’ll be there tomorrow” really means maybe sometime this week or next. “It’ll only take a day” is very deceptive. It can mean two days or a week but it definitely does not mean a day. They remind me of hospital people. “The doctor will be right in” (not!) or “you will be released in a few minutes.” They have no concept of time and there is always a doc’s signoff they need while he’s out on the golf course!

So how was your week?

68 thoughts on “Random 5 or October 24, 2021 – Technology, hospitals, contractors, routines, words

  1. Love: “Contractors always have their own language.” Aint it the truth. Please add, “Well deer season starts tomorrow, so it’ll be a month before….” sorry about the other problems. I hope they’re solved soon.

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  2. It’s so good to hear your brother is home. Will keep him in our thoughts.
    It is so weird having emails in car – those voices that “read” them to you are so funny..evemn when they scold they are holding those thoughts until you are stopped and it is safe and not distracting to be read to. As you say, so many things now have so many features I either don’t know IO have or knowhow to use.
    Take care ( and hope the windows get done before January chills. We hear you with no house is perfect and there are things that must be done for it to function. We are still looking…and debating just how much “function” we can live in a new house HAHA)

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  3. We are six weeks into our whole house remodel. Kitchen was the first project done and took five weeks. And it’s not even entirely done yet – still small touch up work. I think they save that until the very end to not damage anything as they walk by it for the rest of the project. I’m sorry to hear about your brother. I hope he is better soon.

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  4. I’m sorry to hear the news about your eldest brother and your sister-in-law as well. I don’t know if I could handle e-mails in the car – it’s a zoo out there anymore with road rage rampant and if you slow down a millisecond, someone beeps … I’d be a nervous wreck if I drove more than my weekend spins, or weekday spins to give the car a run. I’m officially turning into an old fuddy-duddy. I’m not sure I’d have the patience for any remodeling either – my parents did so much remodeling back in the day that it seemed the house was always in some kind of turmoil and that was when the supply chain and life was a heckuva lot more normal than it is now.

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    • I hear you about the traffic. I don’t like driving either and that’s why I was delighted to have someone read the email to me. It’s the only email I felt was worth the info in the car especially since I didn’t have to divert my eyes. Also, I was at a stop light. We have no choice but to remodel. Some of the areas aren’t functional for us. When this round is done, we will be done for a long, long time. Maybe forever! Certainly no new kitchens!

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  5. That does it. I’m selling our condo and moving to PA, stat. I’m so impressed that you can get contractors to come to you home, even for an estimate. It’s now week five and I’m still struggling to get ONE to even come over! Six week for the kitchen re-do is a long, long time, I agree. – Marty

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    • It took 9 weeks before we got a kitchen contractor to take us seriously in the spring and then another 3 months before we signed the contract. The delays were not on our part. Sometimes we wouldn’t hear for a month on a simple thing. Very frustrating. The guy who did the music room does all kinds of work. Since we have a relationship there and both of us like each other, we will use him as best we can. He has a lot of people looking for jobs to be done. I think he enjoys working with my husband the carpenter.


  6. We’re beginning to talk with contractors about remodeling 2 bathrooms. I sense this is going to get on my every nerve, IF it ever gets going. After being at home for so many months I’m more than ready to upgrade some things in this house, but it seems to be the impossible dream.

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  7. I’m so sorry to hear about your brother! You are right, losing a life partner at that age is so hard. I hope he is OK. Also sorry about the contractors – that has to be tough! That’s a lot of people in the house and a lot of disruption.. Hope the projects are resolved sooner rather than later!

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  8. I hope things work out for your brother. We have contractors starting work at our house tomorrow. My husband is in charge of communications. As an engineer, he understands their doublespeak. Wish us luck!

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  9. Sorry that your brother is in the hospital. It must be very hard to lose a spouse when you are in your 90’s.
    As for contractors…it’s been years since I needed them. I now have a couple of handymen who do good work, and I don’t have to wait weeks. Of course, if parts were needed that couldn’t be gotten at a local store, there would most likely be a wait.

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  10. It’s really special, I think, that when you mentioned your brother and the loss of his wife, many of us automatically thought of your sister-in-law who survived the terrible accident. I really held my breath for moment, because the way you’ve shared the couple with us, I feel like I know them! Still, I’m very sorry to learn that your older brother is ill, and to know that he suffered a tremendous loss is very sad. I’m sorry. I have really appreciated how you share stories of your family, Kate.

    And as for these smart technologies on cars, I’m just amazed. I recently had to rent one for a week, and I was like a little kid! Of course, playing while driving is, as you say, a big risk!

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  11. I’m sorry to hear that your brother is in the hospital. I know how losing a spouse can lead to a big decline in one’s health.

    Sometimes driving alone in the car is the quietest part of the day. I’ve already ruined that opportunity for quiet contemplation by having the habit of listening to NPR. Catching up on my email would be even worse.

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  12. Very sorry to hear your brother is not well. I’m probably in the minority, but I really don’t want my car reading my email. It would probably put it to sleep, and I’d be stalled at a major intersection. 🙂 Seriously though, where is that message stored and how many other entities have access to it. Talk about big brother listening, now the whole family is listening. 🙂 It’s been hard to find a contractor and get them to estimate, bid and show up on a job, but add in the lack of materials, and it becomes a whole different animal. I hope all goes well, the project is just the way you want, and they want to be done early to move on. 🙂

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  13. Sorry to hear about your brother and his loss. Like everyone else, I was thinking it was who survived the car crash. Glad they are still well.
    Know what you mean about contractors though. I like to have things in writing so that I know what is supposed to happen and when!

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  14. Sorry to read about your brother’s failing health, Kate.

    Technology is something, isn’t it? When I have my iPods in my ears and a call comes in, they tell me who it is and ask me if I want it answered. If I say yes, the call comes through. Amazing.


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  15. I am wondering the same thing as the others with regards to your SIL. So sorry for your loss! And prayers for your brother! ❤

    My sister has a car now that has the same email feature. It is pretty cool. 🙂

    Haha on comparing contractor’s language to Drs. 😂

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  16. Sorry about your brother but I think like you do…..we all need something to hold onto and when we lose it…….it’s harder. Contractors DO speak a different language – so do most repairmen. They believe the short/vague answers satisfy our curiosity but we want FACTS! LOL

    Hugs, Pam

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