Sassy cats — The best caretakers ever!


Morgan here! It’s been an exhausting week. The peep was sick for a couple days and we all played Florence Nightingale. We are such natural caretakers! She slept one day so we were all required to hop into her bed and sleep with her. Very tiring for us, all that sleeping. She forgot to give us treats that day but we forgave her. Sort of. She’s all better now.

Sasha: This angle makes me look fat. Who took this pictures?


Sasha took advantage and read the newspapers ON THE FORBIDDEN TABLE! Crazy peep had to wash it before the humans could eat. Something about fur. Sasha likes to keep up with the sports teams!

There is a new quilt on the peep’s bed. It’s a lighter color than the old blue one and it’s very soft and fluffy. We’ve all taken a hop on but Sasha and I like it best.

The peep said I had to include a shot of the canoodlers! Sharing is caring! All else is good here except the peep’s struggle with a mischievous squirrel but that’s a post for another day.

We wish you all a great weekend!

68 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The best caretakers ever!

  1. Morgan – By now I’m sure your peep is better … you must be a stellar nurse. You’re right – Sasha looks like she’s put on a few pounds with all that fur – whew, all that fur would make me very warm.

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  2. Glad your human is better! You did a good job taking care of her. Geez, what would they do without us, right? I think you look good in the pic, but your boyfriend’s butt looks a tad large in the next one!!!

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  3. Did I ever tell you my trick for forbidden surfaces? Put kitty there to give them their meds. I can guarantee that they will steer clear forever more, even if you just do it once.

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  4. Oh dearie me….when our humans are sick, and we don’t get our regular treats – it’s all we can do to be extra companionable but you all did a good job. Sasha got uninterrupted newspaper time on the NONO Table and the rest of you did what you could to keep the Human cheered up. Well done.

    Hugs, Teddy

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  5. Happy to hear your peep is all better. We don’t want her to feel bad. Morgan, I know you and the other Sassy Cats were on the frontline encouraging her to feel better and surrounding her with your healing purrs. Better than chicken noodle soup any old day! Enjoy your weekend Sassy Cats and Peeps!

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