Sassy cats — The storming of the Bastille

If you haven’t been following, Morgan broke her leg 3 weeks ago and has to wear a splint. We did away with the cone after a few days. She’s a great cat and doesn’t chew on her bandage so it’s not needed. For the first week, I kept her in a bedroom to slow down her movement. Nothing high to jump on as I removed the cat tower.

The second week I let her out to roam the upstairs for several hours every day. Still not much to jump on except for beds and our beds are low. In order to keep her confined to the upstairs, I used gates at the top of the stairs. That restricted all the cats from their usual (and as they say their constitutional right) travels throughout the whole house.

This past week I’ve let her come downstairs for the afternoon. She comes down after her long morning nap and returns upstairs for dinner and another big snooze. I keep her in her bedroom overnight mostly so I don’t worry.

Gus: Don’t worry Morgan. We’ll get you out. I’ll get Sasha.

While Morgan has been philosophical about the whole thing, the other cats are greatly annoyed with the gates. They are always on the wrong side. If they are on the downstairs side, they want to be upstairs and vice versa. *bangs head on table*

Sasha: How does this ding dang thing open? I need opposable thumbs!

Sasha: I figured it out! We’re coming Morgan!

Sasha, the notorious ringleader of the revolutionary movement, decided this was totally unacceptable. She found that she could wiggle it open just enough to get through so I had to adjust. At this point she rounded up the troops and laid siege to the gates. In a planned movement they all advanced the gate knocking it down despite 87 bungie cords holding it in place. Morgan was happy that they got her released although she was busy munching on cat grass at the time.

Morgan had another rewrap today, hopefully her last. We discussed appropriate life choices (like staying off cat trees and other high places) and whether she should have complete freedom. It seems more important that she be free to the other cats than to Morgan. In fact, I think she has enjoyed the separation from the pesky Sasha who views herself as a shaman of some sort. She likes to have her magic paw touching Morgan at all times to push through energy. Morgan gives her stinkeye but Sasha is immune to that. Hopefully the human peeps can live through one more week of this continuing saga.

This is the closest Morgan likes Sasha. In fact if she was on a bed in another room that would be even better!

76 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The storming of the Bastille

  1. [I am almost a week behind in Reader and scrambling to catch up.] I like how they tore down the child-proof gate and gained access to Morgan. Obviously Sasha and her merry band of mischief makers thought Morgan was in peril, not merely recuperating and munching cat grass and rather oblivious to such goings on and it was a great opportunity to show the peeps who was boss.

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    • They think Morgan is getting better food or treats. Her food comes from the same can but they don’t believe me. She does get more treats but she deserves them. In general they don’t like barriers. If I go into the bathroom and close the door, there is a little paw underneath trying to get it open.


    • She’s doing well. Yesterday’s bandage goes a little higher up the leg (the old one was rubbing). She’s not happy about that but it’s only until Thursday. X-rays and maybe a soft bandage for support. We’ll see. I hope she’s sufficiently healed to not need anything. She’s been a trooper.

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  2. Cats are a bit like people, each with their own ideas of what is right and acceptable and what is not. Jack so wants to cuddle with Teddy but not with me. Teddy is the opposite…loves to snuggle up to me but will not tolerate Jack.

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    • Morgan is a perfect cat but she doesn’t like to snuggle with anyone. She doesn’t sleep on the beds (not when we are) and absolutely doesn’t appreciate Sasha’s attempts to sleep in a pile. Gus was a good addition because he does all those things with Sasha which makes Morgan and Gracie happy. Gracie will occasionally sleep with us or lay on my legs when I watch TV but she doesn’t sleep with cats.


  3. And throughout all the fuss…..Morgan remains serene chewing her cat grass and probably thinking “let THEM eat cake!”. HAHA Love the photos, captions and the entire story. This is what I miss about having multiple cats. Teddy rarely gets in “trouble” on his own…..but if he had brothers/sisters I think we’d have a daily “storming of the Bastille” !!!

    Hugs, Pam

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