Sassy cats — All about the grays

We had our first snowstorm this week. We get snow in our screened porch. It was Gus’ first experience with snow. He is usually the first to go racing out there after breakfast. He was like “whoa, that’s that white stuff?” He gingerly stepped into it clearly not enjoying the feel on his feet. He started to walk and his paws splayed out as he slipped and slid across the porch on his tummy. He didn’t like that feel either. Even though he is 3 years old, he spent all that time in a rescue inside a building. He is still going out there despite the cold, cold temperatures but he’s not loving the white stuff. Sorry I don’t have pictures!

However the grays have been complaining about the lack of attention in the blog. I asked them to do something interesting and I got nada so I pulled out some older shots.

My brother and Gracie taking a nap. This is from 2018.

Morgan with her beloved blankie which still reigns!

This is Gracie with Hazel (who died in 2018). Sharing is caring.

All of us wish all of you a good weekend!

63 thoughts on “Sassy cats — All about the grays

  1. How funny to picture Gus trying to navigate the snow! Poor guy has had a lot of adjusting in his short life. And the grays are always a delight. They’re old pros at the white stuff, I’d imagine. 🙂

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  2. I went out to shovel Thursday morning and my neighbor’s niece and her dog just moved here from Arizona and moved in next door. Anna is from Michigan originally, but her father moved to Arizona for work, but Lucy, her Akita, had never seen snow. Lucy reminded me of pictures you see of a foal kicking up its heels in a paddock and running with the wind. This dog was going wild, jumping up in the air, running in circles, even dropped down on her back and I thought she was going to roll in it. If only snow excited me half as much as it does Lucy. 🙂

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    • Gracie is a darker shade of gray and she is especially hard to photograph. Jack, my old black cat that passed, was an easy shot for some reason. Maybe because he was always in good lighting. He loved sunspots.


  3. Is it really 2 years since you lost Hazel? Love the pics Kate. I can imagine Gus and his first introduction to snow. Maggie stopped dead in her tracks, and Hubby had to clear a little pathway from the back door to the grass. Have a good weekend. When’s the move?

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    • Move not until end of January. We are doing gradual loads and some work there in the meantime. Two years ago on New Year’s Eve at age 12. Who though a year later we’d lose Mollie. My three cats that lived here are gone. Time flies. Gus was so funny! I bet Maggie was too.

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          • Reminds me of two dogs and stairs.
            Toshy was my aunt’s dachshund, and so fat, he had to be carried upstairs to bed. In the morning, he would ‘rock’ himself on the top step, push off with his back legs and come down on his belly………. which was totally bald!
            Our own Barney always used to sleep at the bottom of the stairs, never making any effort to come up, other than to show my Mum to her room when she came to stay!! So when we moved to the bungalow, it confused the hell out of him because he didn’t know where to sleep! Happy memories. 🙂

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  4. When Bodhi comes back from surgery today he will look more like your kitties, with his blind eye gone! They are beautiful kitties, and I hope them enjoyed the attention. And Gus won’t have to deal with snow on the porch much longer!

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  5. That first snow encounter is always fun to see……Sammy loved the snow – Teddy gets mad it’s there! He looks at me like “fix it Mom and I mean NOW!”………..LOL Thanks for the “gray flashbacks”……

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Yes it is and he’s 3 so it’s very special. There aren’t many experiences like that although it took him weeks to learn the proper way to manage the steps. He hasn’t learned about the bed yet and that’s ok with me.


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