Sassy cats — A quiet week!

Sasha had a portrait taken just in case her modeling career takes off!  That cat  can’t take a bad picture if she tried!

There is another “get a room” shot with Sasha and Gus.

Gracie had a good picture too. Sadly Morgan was napping almost all the time I had the camera out!

Everyone here (including sleepy Morgan) wishes you a great weekend!

52 thoughts on “Sassy cats — A quiet week!

    • Since it’s all he knew, I’m sure he thought his life in the shelter was good. He was in a room with other cats and he had some friends there. There were cat trees and windows. I thought they had too many cats in the room. This is heaven compared to that. He doesn’t have to share toys. At least not much. Then there is constant human attention.

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      • She wants to share the warmth. I thought of you today Kate. For years I’ve wanted to buy kitty litter for the porch and steps when we get ice and the Prestone Ice Melt does not work. I won’t use rock salt. My friend recommended kitty litter. So I finally remembered and bought two huge jugs of it … now, Meijer, my grocery store where I do all my shopping, has added cat treats, food, toys, litter/litter boxes in my “things you may need” … I am laughing. I didn’t solicit that list, but now, not only if I go on, or it sometimes appears in the side of my e-mail. They are sure I have a new pet. 🙂

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    • I know why Gus wasn’t adopted younger. Although his coloring is beautiful he’s a bit of a wallflower. He’s the perfect match for Sasha as she is the complete opposite. She will roll over him to get him started in a face washing-ear biting session or maybe a race around the house to try to trip the humans! Young cats especially do well with a companion cat. Morgan had a companion when she was young (Hazel and Gracie) but now both of the grays are content to watch squirrels from the windowsill.

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