Sassy cats — Feeling left out

Hi! Gracie here. That new cat is very ungrateful. When he first came, I spent afternoons with him in the cat room so he wouldn’t be lonely. I told him things would be great here. It’s a good gig. A lot of good that did me. Sasha wouldn’t give him the time of day. She snarled and was generally growly. She even dropped a big gas bomb and blamed him. After two months this is how it is now.

Did you see that chipmunk? Very cool!

Sasha: Let’s catch a mousie for dinner tonight and top it off with a niptini!

It’s best to know the politics.

Gus: So not true. Gracie will always be my one and only. Sasha is the local mafia and it’s best to stay in her good graces. She taught me some very cool tricks like yelling at dinner time and getting twisted in the peeps legs while she’s trying to dish out food. Sometimes that helps you get served faster. Gracie is too much of a lady to steal food. Sasha will steal your toys, your food and your favorite cat bed. You must be very careful around her!

66 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Feeling left out

  1. I am so happy just to have the two cats now… the tangle of relationships that went on with three cats really needed a professional cat wrangler! Plus preparing three separate menus twice a day…

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    • I had that trouble in the 90s when Lacey was one of my cats. She really didn’t like other cats much. Heck, she wasn’t all that fond of people either. Stubborn, cranky cat lived for 18 years. Everything got more calm after she was gone and I haven’t had that issue again. Sasha will steal the other cats’ food so I watch her at food time.

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    • I always think that animals live in the moment so he doesn’t think about going back to the rescue. I had a cat many years ago. I moved back from another state. I did a couple trips before finally moving in and on the last trip I took the cats and put them in the house. After I unpacked my car, I couldn’t find one of the cats. She had climbed back into the car so I wouldn’t forget to take her “home.”

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    • He did. I was attracted to him because he was a laid back cat. “They said” he didn’t warm up to people fast and preferred cats. Within a week, we were best buds and he did very well with all the cats. Sasha gave him growlies for a while but even that was half-hearted. He figured it out fast.

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