Sassy cats – An overheard conversation

Morgan to Sasha: What are you two doing on the computer?

Would you swipe right?

Sasha: Gracie is on a feline dating site. I’m helping her find a nice boyfriend. No! Swipe left! What an ug! No, not him either. It has to be someone who will let me eat his food.

Morgan: Good grief! This is the blind leading the blind. Let me in here. How about that one?

Gracie: Nope. Not interested. Don’t like the Siamese look about him. He’s probably all bossy and chatty.

Sasha: How about the black fluffy one?

Gracie: Nope. He can’t be more adorable than us. He’ll get all the attention.

…and so this went on for about an hour until

Gracie: Look at this guy. He’s a ginger just like Prince Harry. (Swoon!) So princely!

Sasha: He’s a dang redhead! I wonder if he knows how to share food.

Morgan: Looks interesting. I like his swagger.

Gracie: OK, I’m swiping right!

…and so it happened. Gracie had a meet and greet over a niptini at a local cat bar. (Yes social distancing was observed although there was a good amount of butt sniffing.) To be continued.

65 thoughts on “Sassy cats – An overheard conversation

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  2. Love a ginger. Had one MANY years ago. Would love another. However, the two kitties I have have enough trouble being nice to each other. I fear bringing any other animal (be it a ginger cat or a dog [OMG, mutiny] ) would not work. Good luck I hope it works out.

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    • Sasha is trying to let him know that she’s the alpha cat. He doesn’t react to her hisses. I’m hopeful she’ll get tired of it and focus on stealing his food. Whenever you add another pet to an existing crew, you run a risk. Top of this guys’s attributes were that he is non-reactive to other cats.


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