Sassy cats — New pictures

This past week I spent some time trying to get some “great” shots of the cats. As soon as I bring out the black box (camera) the cats think that it’s time to be goofy. I have over 50 pictures  but only two are post worthy. I can’t get my camera to snap fast enough so many are blurred.

In this first picture, Gracie was sleeping on the window sill. You can tell by how sleepy she looks. As soon as I got the camera Sasha realized that it was her time to photobomb the moment. She crawled into the space that didn’t fit and scooched Gracie over. There was only one shot because Gracie got “annoyed” and left. It’s a tough shot with the sun in the background and Sasha looks far more innocent than she is.

Sasha: Got a cigarette sailor? Maybe buy me a drink. Niptini with a twist of anchovy.

I took a series of Morgan but not a single one was sharp. User error maybe?

Sasha wasn’t ready to leave though and posed for a number of glamour pin up shots. She loves the camera and the camera loves her.

All the peeps and felines here wish you a great and very photogenic weekend!

51 thoughts on “Sassy cats — New pictures

  1. My cats always know when I reach for the camera and stop doing whatever it is I wanted to photograph. Your kitties are so adorable. Have a nice weekend.

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