Sassy cats — The best of Mollie

This is one of the first pictures of her. She was on my desk making sure the catalogs didn’t attack!

Mollie was planned. I went to the shelter to adopt. She had been brought there with her litter. A young boy ahead of me adopted her last kitten. I couldn’t believe my luck. She was beautiful, just under 2 years old and tiny. Why would someone take her to the shelter? I worried that she had behavioral issues but that wasn’t the case.

Although scared at first, it didn’t take long for her to come out. She had been socialized young and liked people. She adored Jake, the senior cat. Best of all Jake liked her too. She quickly became the alpha cat claiming the main bed (prime real estate for a cat). She learned how to push Jake who was twice her size off the bed. He didn’t seem to mind.

Within a few days of adoption she came down with a respiratory illness and gave it to Jake. They both spent 5 days at the vet. She needed to be spayed but I wanted to give her some time to recover. Unfortunately the first day they were home, we were watching TV with Jake laying on the top of the sofa. She came sashaying out like hussy. She swung her tail to the side to show him her luscious butt and caterwauled so loudly that he put his paw over his head.

Who me? A hussy? I think not!

Jake had been neutered early. We couldn’t decide if the episode embarrassed him or he was ashamed that he couldn’t perform. She was spayed within the week. Seven pounds of caterwauling cat is loud.

Mollie and bunny!

She found bunny who was her lifelong friend. Bunny came here attached to a gift. Mollie took her everywhere. It wasn’t unusual to find Bunny in a hallway, a bathroom or a porch.

The Girls

Three months later, realizing that Jake was too old to play with her, we adopted Hazel. Hazel came from a feral litter and was not socialized. She was fearful of people and spent two weeks under a bed. It was Mollie who coaxed her out and helped settle her down. For a long time they were besties, always together.

Mollie and Morgan with a slight neck twist!

Mollie also greeted Morgan when she joined us and Sasha too. She administered the occasional head womps when necessary. Sasha thought Mollie was her mom. Mollie just rolled her eyes.

Mollie doing her downward dog yoga pose!

She was a great cat. She was very healthy until she wasn’t. She lived 16 years which isn’t too shabby. She was by far the most beautiful cat I’ve ever had but she also had a happy disposition. She’ll always be with us in our hearts.

76 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The best of Mollie

  1. Mollie’s coloring and long hair did indeed make her a beautiful cat. I have only known one person with a long-haired cat, a friend of the family who had a Persian named Princess. A very spoiled Princess whose name suited her. She was an “only cat” and the apple of her owner’s eye as all beloved pets are. I love the story of Bunny and carrying her around.

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  2. What beautiful photos and what a wonderful tribute to your Mollie. Keeping the memories close in your heart helps with losses of kitties, but it’s always just plain hard. Hugs and sympathy.

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  3. How sweet that Mollie coaxed Hazel out from hiding. She sounds like she was good with other cats. She surely is a beauty. Her face reminds me of a gray main coon we had when we were newlyweds. Someone found him in the parking lot of where I worked, and I took him home when no one else there wanted him.

    This is a lovely tribute to Mollie. How are the other cats? Do they notice the change, especially Sasha?

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    • Hard to say. Morgan is more clingy. Sasha is still very active. When I would spend time with Mollie, Sasha would jump up on the bed too. I got her to jump on the bed for a brushing but she doesn’t go there like she used to. Gracie I don’t see anything.

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  4. It’s interesting how some pets (in my case my cat Skeeta of long ago), can endear themselves to us and stay in our memories seemingly forever. Mollie had a good life with you, and who could possibly want more than that? 🙂

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      • Oh, that’s rough. I felt like I failed Monster at 15, partly because multiple vets missed some clues, and then a young white male vet talked me out of what turned out to be the right medication. When I finally insisted, she was too far gone to save. I swore that would never happen again. When a female Korean-AMerican vet opened her”Cats Only” clinic a mile away, I was all over that for Boss Cat.

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  5. I laughed at the “office” picture of her maintaining the paper pile and the elegant greeting bow. Such a beauty
    We had a bit of loud caterwauling last night outside and went out to find 2 cats – one glaring at the other – perched in a tree. At least they had enough sense to get up in the tree where they can always leap to the roof for safety if necessary.We told Molly they were OK and to just head to the back of the house where it was quieter.

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    • I don’t walk in a shelter anymore. The last time I went to drop off towels, I walked out with Morgan so my husband drops off donations. I got Gracie from a rescue via picture in the newspaper and Sasha was being fostered by a friend so no trip to any place housing cats. Hazel was adopted from a rescue through PetSmart.

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    • Only Mollie and Morgan have “friends.” Morgan has a small piece of fleece that she carries around and Mollie had bunny. Sometimes Mollie would argue with bunny and we could hear it throughout the house. So funny!

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    • Thanks. Getting along with Jake was key because the old cat we had before her did not. I had to separate them. I wasn’t sure if it was Jake or the old cat (who was never a friendly cat). Fortunately it wasn’t Jake. He got along with every other cat that came into this house. She was a sweetie.

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    • I feel so lucky that I got such a perfect cat. I had two old cats prior besides Jake who had passed. One was rescued from a friend. The cat just followed her home but didn’t get along with her existing two cats. Lacey barely got along with anyone so when Mollie was so easy going, I was convinced I won the lottery. All my cats since have been laid back and you know I adopt whoever needs a home.

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  6. Lovely recollections of a beautiful and special “child of the heart”…….it’s hard – and always will be – but isn’t it great you have such gorgeous photos of her. Very special. Hugs from me….


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    • I have a lot of pictures of her. When I was looking them over for this post, I could see the change. I believe she started not feeling great last summer but it went undetected. She even went through a vet check (including blood tests) with nothing showing up. Compared to my 18 lb. Hazel, she was a featherweight!

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