Sassy cats — Mostly Mollie

Mollie will be 16 this year. How did that happen? The younger cats seem to get more attention (or at least more pictures) but that’s because they are more active. Mollie is no longer excited by catnip or a feather on a stick. She gives me the stink eye if I try to engage her in anything that remotely resembles exercise. (That’s how you can tell she’s my cat!) Here are some shots I got this week.

One activity she still does is “bathtime.” She can chew on her toenails forever!

And the tail! It’s work keeping that fluff clean!

Since bathing is exhausting, it’s time for a nap. She likes sleeping head in!

Morgan was feeling a little slighted so I’m throwing this in. It’s from this week’s batch.

Yes, that’s judgement you see. She wants an outfit from the catalog!

All the critters here (and their peeps) wish you a great weekend!

58 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Mostly Mollie

  1. This weekend flew by. Entirely too quickly…scary how those calendar pages fly, isn’t it?

    Mollie at 16. Our pets age and the days are precious. She’s a sweetie! Even if she gives you the stink eye.

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  2. Mollie is a sweet beautiful girl and you clicked some lovely pictures of her. The camera and you love her! I love her, too. I am quite taken with all the Sassy Cats and appreciate and look forward to the Sassy Cats posts. Morgan cracks me up! She does look a bit disapproving in the picture. Her little gray fuzz face says it all!

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    • Probably not. I’ve been thinking of taking her back to the vet. She had that “open esophagus” issue last fall and I don’t think it’s gone away. The only way they will know for sure is a scope which I didn’t/don’t really want to do but if the solution is antacids, it may make her more comfortable. I just hate taking her. She’s so sweet.

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        • She’s not really gnawing on her paw. It’s normal grooming. When she gets stressed, she pulls out the hair on her abdomen and inner thighs and has bare patches. She’s not doing that right now. I’m just thinking she’s not feeling good and I can’t put my finger on why I think that.


            • Jake, who passed 5 years ago, was diabetic for 9 years. He lived to be 18. They have come a long way in treating diabetes. Mollie was at the vet in November. She had lab work, x-ray and ultrasound. She is incredibly healthy except that her esophagus was open. They gave her some antibiotics and she seemed to perk up a bit. I think it’s time for another visit. A scope is the next test and I’ve been resisting because she will have to be anesthetized. Maybe the vet will take another x-ray to see if there is any change and maybe some GERD meds will help her. Thanks for your input and caring about my sweet girl.

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                • Not a pro, just old! 🙂 I would never do that anyway. I learn from people all the time. You never know who knows something you don’t. I’m looking for someone with a cat with GERT issues. They may have a clue. I have a lot of respect for anyone who takes care of diabetic cats. It’s not hard but it’s a commitment to be there at the right times twice a day. I had another cat with diabetes in the 1990s. It wasn’t as well managed and she was plagued with urinary issues. Still, she lived with it for 5 years but didn’t do as well as Jake. He didn’t get peripheral neuropathy (leg weakness) at all.


  3. Great photos……….Teddy loves to keep himself clean which is good because he also loves to roll in the dirt when he’s outside on a walk. He spends great amounts of time making sure every single hair is in place. That’s a lot of territory for him to take care of since he’s 22 lbs. of chunky.

    Hugs, Pam

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