Sassy cats — Boom chicka meow meow

There was “an incident” this week. Being the kind sucker soul I am, I made new catnip toys for the girls. I had an old tee shirt to use and I bought a fresh pack of catnip. Foolish me put the catnip on the kitchen table (where they never go at least when we can see them).Β 

I later came downstairs to see some stoned cats with big smiles. That’s not good. There was a hole chewed in the bag and catnip all over the table and floor (and most likely the cats too).Β 

Who did it? No one is talking. Eyes are dilated and there are big meowy giggles. Inspector Cateau took teeth impressions on the bag but was not willing to get them from the cats. Whoever did it had sharp razors in there. Since this never happened before, here is my vote.

Check out that happy smiling face. Guilty on all counts!

All the stoned cats wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. They hope you get some catnip too.

65 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Boom chicka meow meow

    • They go on the dining room table sometimes. Mostly Hazel did but once in a while I’ll find one of the others there. No one went on the kitchen table. It’s glass and I didn’t think they liked it. Well, if you put catnip on something, it changes the game.


  1. I don’t have to worry about Teddy getting something from a counter or table top – he can’t get up there and never has tried even when he was little! Must have been “discouraged” from it in the year he had “somewhere” before we adopted him from the shelter. Anyway, I think they deserve a little buzz from time to time – humans have their martinis or whatever…. and kitties should have the nip or silvervine…’s too short NOT to have treats along the way!!

    Hugs, Pam

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