Random 5 for February 16 – Grateful, accident, death, ads, mornings

Thankfulness – It’s funny what small things are big things when it comes to thankfulness. Yes I’d be delighted to win the lottery but in the past year or so I’ve discovered two small things that make my everyday life easier and for that I’m grateful. Valentine’s Day at Starbucks was insane. Do people only drink coffee on holidays? Seems so. With the order ahead app, I was able to scoot ahead of 30 people. The other item is the red dot in my pond that signifies the electricity is on and everything is working. It’s the small things that make life easier (although I’d like to prove that a lottery win would be good too). Thank you to Sharlene and Alex for coaching me on both of those.

Here she is at her 90th birthday party in November! Looking good!

Time flies – Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my brother and sister-in-law’s near fatal car accident. Considering their age (90-ish), they have recovered very well. It took a while for my SIL but you can’t keep an old broad down!

Another death – As you grow older there are more deaths. People died when I was a kid but other than my father, most were really old people (by kid standards) and were not a big part of my life. Every year there are a few less friends on this planet. It doesn’t matter what you say (he had a good life, he’s in a better place, etc.) it’s still a loss. I wish I could go back to that time when everyone was here and we were enjoying life.

Stalking ads – I’m being stalked by mental health medication ads. Does the internet know something I don’t? I haven’t researched anything remotely connected to that. Weird! Or is it?

Waiting… — We were notified that our power would be cut for about five hours for a repair. It rained on the scheduled date so it was postponed. There have been some nice days since then but no one showed up. The outage starts around 8 a.m. so I want to be showered and ready for my day. I’m retired. Early mornings suck.

So how was your week?

48 thoughts on “Random 5 for February 16 – Grateful, accident, death, ads, mornings

  1. My computer time is being hampered by dry eye. Will the wind ever stop blowing here? It is definitely the small things that make our life so much richer and worthwhile and HAPPY! We just need to recognize them. I am very good at appreciating the small things if I do say so myself 🙂 There is a lot of dying that goes on around Florida communities… I had no idea how much it would affect us. I am happy beyond words that your Sis-in-law and brother are doing so well. She is adorable!

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    • After recovering from the sty and being really good about eye drops, my eyes are good right now. The problem is that they don’t feel dry, I forget the drops and I’m back in my irritated eye state. My husband’s mother was in assisted living at the end. She lived to her 90s but had serious health issues. There were a lot of deaths and many affected her. She lost so many best friends that at one point she became very depressed. Outliving all your friends isn’t a good thing.


  2. Wow – has it really been a year since your brother and SIL’s accident? It seems so much more recent than that. So glad they are both doing OK in the time since! I am starting to have friends passing as well – not that frequently, but as we get into our mid-50’s, time is starting to take its toll. So I know what you mean.

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  3. Starbucks used to be in the office building where I worked before my boss and I left the Firm. They did not have as many of the fancy drinks with the hearts in the foam, or many of the items I hear advertised or you mention and people, two lines actually, out the door and into the street. I thought it was a novelty when they were first there – boy was I mistaken. I have learned of more deaths and sickness in the last six months, most around my age, and it has been a gut punch. I’m toying with mentioning one of the gentleman, a fellow walker, without going into specifics in a post … he walked to rehab from a heart attack and in the last six months had a stroke, oral cancer (had his tongue and part of his jawbone removed) and on the day after leaving the nursing home and in the care of his sister, he went into a coma … died four days later. I usually walk alone at the park, but he was a friend to everyone there … many of the regular walkers are using their treadmills or mall walking and don’t know. I saw his death in the Facebook Neighborhood Forum. I was upset, still upset … a triple whammy and gone at age 70.

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  4. Yes, it’s the little things. I’m thankful for my new Cuisinart coffee pot. It makes darn good coffee. And I’ve found a new favorite creamer, Nutpods.

    I have two groups that remind of every new death: the guy who is the point man for my high school graduating class tells us of every death. Also the organization my husband worked for, Asian Development Bank. It’s a large organization, so, luckily, I don’t know most of them.

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  5. Your sister in law is 90ish? She looks terrific! Can’t believe it’s been a year since their accident. So glad they’re both doing much better.
    I often think about going back to the days when everyone we love is still around us and enjoying all the new members of our family. If only…

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  6. Your sister-in-law looks wonderful. If I am around at 90 I hope I look that good! I never buy lottery tickets so I will never win. Maybe I should buy one? Last year I 5 people I knew died. Two were a good bit younger than me. Sad. I was never a morning person so the 50 some years I worked the mornings were problematic. Now I don’t set the alarm and get up when the cats wake me.😽

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  7. Are you sure your sister-in-law didn’t get a little face tuck while she was in the hospital anyway? She looks fabulous! I am fortunate that I haven’t lost too many people in my life. I miss my mother and father a great deal, but they both lived a long, full life. At my age, I imagine it won’t be too long before I start to experience more loses. Sad, but a fact of life, I guess.

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  8. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the car accident. I’m happy they are both doing well, Kate. Valentine’s Day was crazy everywhere! I took the day off from the day job to take my mother out shopping. There were people all over the place and traffic was crazy!

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  9. I’d no idea Starbucks was such a happening place for Valentine’s Day! I was sure it was Pizza Hut, with their heart-shaped pizzas.

    There were three shocking, tragic deaths when I was 5, 12, and 14. My cousin, hit by a drunk driver. My sister’s best friend, killed by her mentally ill mother. And my own mother. I think I got used to death. When older people die naturally, it hurts, but…take my grandfather. He was so at peace with his coming end and so grateful he’d survived WWII that I only hurt for my loss. Not his.

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  10. There were more people at Star$ because it was Valentine’s Day? I don’t get that at all. I’ll just file that in my People Be Weird file and move on. I cringe about early mornings too. I’m up early but I’m not ready to face the day early. Big difference.

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  11. Our Starbucks here (THREE in a very small town!) are always packed so I get my Starbucks fix via k-pods for my Keurig. I’m the only one in line! HAHA Your S-I-L looks gorgeous – I can only hope in 20-ish years when I’m in my 90s to look that great. So is the universe trying to tell you something with these “mental health med” ads you’re seeing?? Food for thought! I have no idea how we get targeted by certain ads/other spam. One of those mysteries of life (and the internet) I guess………….happy Sunday.

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

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    • I wish I looked as good as my SIL now! She is amazing! I get a mocha latte and as much as I have experimented, I can’t get the same taste at home. I have to buy an espresso machine to do it and I’ve not done that…yet. We have a Keurig and enjoy that too.


  12. Early mornings do suck. We’ve had a short span of time where we didn’t have any dogs to sit while folks were on vacation and we got to sleep until seven, which is late for us. So much nicer to get up when it is light outside than when it is still dark.

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    • One of the great things about retirement is I sleep until 7. That is sleeping in from my working days. I resent getting up in the dark. Not happy when I have to do that and I’m especially not happy when I have to get up, quickly jump in the shower and start my day in high speed. I really love the long days of summer. Then I don’t mind getting up early!


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