Sassy cats — Just Sasha

Sasha is an easy cat to photograph. She enjoys the attention and with her black and white contrast, she always looks great. There are the blurred shots when she gets too playful but for the most part, it’s all good.

Here she is peering around the back of the chair! It’s just a slight blur but not too bad.

Here is a better shot of her on the same chair.

Taking a quick break in the photo shoot.

and she’s had enough!
“Go away human! I haven’t received my fees from the last session. Extra tuna!”

Only Mollie photographs as easily. The grays are a challenge. The lighting has to be right. Then they have to be perfectly still. And the photographer can’t be clumsy!

Sasha and the crew wish you a great weekend!

63 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Just Sasha

    • She wants some more interesting backdrops to spice things up. We’ll see. She has two cat trees and a bunch of yurts. Every bed in the house is hers and so is the furniture. Maybe I should buy her a cell phone so she can take her own picts.

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