Sassy cats — The three mouseketeers!

What is worse than finding a mouse in your house?

Finding half a mouse in the dining room.

Something happened overnight. I didn’t hear anything but there must have been a fuss. It wasn’t in the basement. Someone brought the rodent upstairs into the dining room (because that’s where you dine!). But who was it?

Morgan: I’ve had a busy night. I’m exhausted so go away! I’m not taking any questions.

Morgan is a bonafide mouser although this year she’s been slacking off. Even the beloved husband who is not a good mouser at all, has caught more than she did!

Sasha, mouse napper apprentice: Got that little bugger! What a fun night. Let’s do it again real soon!

Sasha has been showing interest in getting her hands paws dirty. I caught her with a mouse in her mouth so she is a suspect.

Then there is Gracie. Gracie loves to get close up but I’ve never seen her do much except chase Morgan around to watch the action. She’s definitely a voyeur! But could she do it? Would the others give her the glory? Did she taste the victory? We’ll never know!

The only thing we know for sure is that Mollie wasn’t involved. She was snoring in the master bedroom all night.

Wishing you all a wonderful (and mouseless) weekend!

BTW I didn’t take a picture of the half mouse. You’re welcome! It was the back end.

67 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The three mouseketeers!

  1. I can’t say a big enough thank you to you for not sharing the “back end.” I’m so easily upset and disturbed by any rodents, and that’s really a hardship when you have cats! We had a cat at one time who was a super killer. He’d find big old rats and leave them at our door. He brought us opossums, too! I had a good friend who was my savior and I’d have to call her and she’d come over and take care of it for me. LOL! So I admire you greatly, Kate!

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    • It’s the bunnies my old cat Jake would kill that would bother me more. And the beautiful birds. Without an outdoor cat, it’s just mice, which are very cute if you look at them when they are alive. Big expressive eyes.


  2. Nice catch!!!! I would have caught two myself, but whatever. Kudos to all three of them for keeping the home safe. I think they deserve a treat. Something to get that lingering mouse taste out of their mouth.

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  3. Looking at this from the mouse’s perspective, I can’t think of a more gruesome way to die than finding yourself in a house full of cats!! They are the original little terrorists.

    You may never find out who delivered the final death blow but my money is on them all having a paw in the chase!

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  4. Oh my – the front half of the mouse was gone … that’s an OMG moment for sure. I have never been able to bite the head off a Gingerbread boy or man or eat the ears from my chocolate bunny – these were incidents in the past so I don’t know if I’ve improved any. šŸ™‚

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  5. Our family cat from my childhood was a mouser and would line them up in order of size for inspection, all neatly killed and intact.
    Hubby was called to assist a neighbour to dispose of two bodies in her kitchen…… she couldn’t bear ice dead or alive.

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  6. One day I came home from work to my little dog snoozing on the couch as usual, and a drowned chipmunk in the upstairs bathroom toilet bowl. I wish I had a camera to capture what must have happened! To this day I have no idea how the chipmunk got into the house, and then the toilet bowl, and if Lucy was involved in it’s demise or not. No other clues were ever found. Your story reminded me of this one!

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    • Oh no! A mystery drowning! How sad! I have had chipmunks in my house because my old cat Jake (who was indoor/outdoor) brought them in. Since he’s gone, I haven’t had any although my cats would love that. They watch the chipmunks through the sliding doors or the screens in the porch.

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  7. At least you have your own personal mouse catcher – whoever it may be! We’ve never had a mouse in the house but I think Teddy would be up to taking care of the situation. We think he probably was either a barn cat baby or feral boy before he was brought to the shelter at 11 months old. He’s pretty “savvy” outside. I am not anxious to test my theory out though! I’m happy to be mouseless and hope it stays that way. Have a mouse-free weekend.

    Hugs, Pam

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  8. Thank you for not sharing the crime scene photos! Have you put up that tape that they use on tv crime shows? It would probably be pointless because a bit of tape won’t stop a cat!

    I wish you a mouse-free weekend.

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  9. Weather changes . Its cold so bugs and mice are drawn inside our cozy warm houses. Read a recent household tip for a non toxic way to keep mice away. Put small chunks of Irish Spring bar soap awound. Supposed to keep mice away and add a fresh aroma to the home.

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    • Our yard backs up to a large water retention area which isn’t kept cut. There are lots of critters living back there and like you say, come colder weather they like to move into warm spots. We’ve tried and continue to try different things but the cats have been the best solution so far.


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