Sassy cats — Making friends

Ever since Sasha joined our group, she has been trying to make friends with old cat Mollie. She is so tenacious about it that I often wonder if Mollie looks like (or smells like) her real life cat mom. She doesn’t do this with either of the grays although they areΒ  playmates.

Mollie is an old cat that is tired of all the shenanigans of a younger one. She will womp Sasha on the head when it gets too annoying (which is at least once or twice every day). Sasha calms down but doesn’t leave and the womp isn’t a hard one. More of a message. Lately Sasha has been making headway on this friendship (or Mollie is just giving up as it’s easier to let Sasha snuggle next to her than chase her off the bed).

This picture happened seconds after a head womp. Mollie must have felt a little bad about it.

This was taken a little later and it looks like they are doing OK. That blue throw is prime real estate. Very soft and they both like to knead it.

Everyone here (is astonished that it’s Friday already!) wishes you all a great weekend!

65 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Making friends

  1. I love the these pictures. And the Mollie doesn’t seem to mind Sash one bit. It has to take a lot of patience on your part to get these photos! Although my two seem far more willing to share the same house as they used too, they still can go at each other pretty good.

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  2. omg – I love the expression on Sasha’s face in the last photo. It’s almost as if she is thinking ‘Holy Catnip, what the heck just happened?’ πŸ˜†
    That’s right, Mollie. Keep the little one guessing what might come next. The lick was a GREAT strategy! πŸ˜‰

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  3. Mollie β™₯ Love that she is being there a little for Sasha. Makes my heart happy this morning. The pictures… sweet.
    Thank the heavens it is Friday! It’s cooler here and it’s nice to get off the roller coaster that was our week.
    Sending you wishes for a little porch time!

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