Sassy cats — Some firsts for Sasha


Sasha had her first veterinarian visit since her adoption this week. How did she do?

Keep on talking — She sings the song of her people like an 800 pound gorilla unless someone else is talking. Maybe it’s courtesy. She doesn’t talk over anyone. All the way to the vet I talked in a continuous stream of nonsense. I explained what all the warning lights on the dash meant. I even dished some dirt on people she knew. Kept her quiet until…

You have to get out of the car at some point — From exiting the car until settling in the reception area she did an aria from Carmen. I’m pretty sure it was Habanero. She has quite the pipes. When she was in the examining room the vet ask if she was the singer. What could I say? I am a proud helicopter cat mom! I bragged!

Say what? — The vet said she has nice teeth (all good opera singers do) but it would be good to brush them or give her dental chews. I value my life too much to attempt to brush so dental chews it was. She enjoyed chewing the first one. All the rest she swallowed whole. I don’t think that’s quite the concept.

She got her shots; I got my mocha latte; and we were good to go. Whadda cat!

54 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Some firsts for Sasha

  1. I hope the trip to the Vet isn’t too long a drive? An aria from Carmen would be a little unsettling to me, too, if trying to drive! Glad to know Sasha is in good health, though! All shots up to date and maybe no further veterinary trips for a while! πŸ™‚

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  2. Bijou, Her Calico Highness, AKA Mrs. Fluffy Pants, is nearly always quiet UNTIL you pick her up or put her in a cage. Then she is EXTREMELY vocal. Angry Vocal. Her indignation at having her royal person manhandled and then caged is righteous and strong.

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  3. At least Sasha would know what was up with the car if the warning lights lit up. Shots for HER, mocha latte for you, that sounds correct. Z didn’t sing, she panted… Ida preferred singing. Three of our cats were only too happy to get in the car, they knew that a hamburger or a vanilla ice cream cone were part of the car experience. Before we knew better. I am glad all is well with Sasha.

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    • I have to tell you this story. When I was an older teen, we had to take our cat to the vet. Back then (60s) this was unusual. They didn’t get shots. You took them in when they were sick. We didn’t have a carrier so my mother came along to hold her in the car. I went in jeans and a tee-shirt. My mother dressed up with her good raincoat and chastised me for the way I dressed. My cat pooped on her on the way over. Fortunately it was a hard turds but I laughed so hard I damn near peed myself. We bought a carrier.


  4. What a great laugh this morning. I could just picture you explaining the lights to her. My cat Reboot, used to go into Opera mode late at night. Turned out her thyroid was off. Finally, got her some medicine and the concerts ended.

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  5. ” I explained what all the warning lights on the dash meant. I even dished some dirt on people she knew.” I’ll have to remember that. Sometimes I run out of things to say on the way to/from the vet! It’s only a couple miles, but still…

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  6. Good job, Sasha! I have cats that both yowl and escape carriers. It is imperative to find a vet less than a mile away, yet hard to find a good one.

    The dogs sing on the way to the vet also, only it goes like this, “Let me in the car/ Oh I love the vet’s/ They have a big treat jar/ And give me all the pets!”

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    • Dogs are definitely different. I need a close by vet too and I’m lucky to have two really good ones close by. If I had to drive a half hour in all that racket (even my own chatter), I’d need a straight jacket.


  7. This was a laugh out loud post … only because I can relate. Theo too carries on like his life is about to end in a terrible fiery drama. Good grief – at his age you’d think he would know better.
    Yes, and I too talk an endless stream of nonsense all the way there and back to try and get him to settle down.

    Sometimes cats are so uncool.

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    • You are right. The poking and prodding takes the stuffings out of them. They are so grateful to get back into the carrier (yes, the one they didn’t want to get into in the first place) and ride home mostly in silence. Jake was the only cat who did opera on both trips. He was so loud that I really need a tranquilizer to take him!


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