Random 5 for June 23 – Mice, virus, mood, obits, Sasha

Mouse? What mouse? I’m on summer break!

Performance review – I caught a mouse. Morgan (our chief mouse catching cat) was nowhere in sight. I have made notes for her next performance review. I have to be gentle with criticism since she is the only cat that catches mice here. I don’t want the whole responsibility.

Money for nothing – I had a stupid virus this week. It moved from body part to body part starting with a sore throat. I bought sore throat spray which works for me. It was gone in 24 hours. I used it three times and have an almost full bottle left. Then came the headache and intestinal part followed by sinus congestion. Each stage took 24 hours and was minimally helped by meds we had on hand. Do you buy a box with 24 doses for a short term illness only to have it expire before you get sick again? Argh! I’m always throwing out expired meds.

Cranky town – Did you ever notice how everything bothers you when you don’t feel well. I’m rarely sick so I’m not good at being grateful. People seem more stupid and food doesn’t taste good. Hope this goes away soon! No one can stand to be around me.

Obits — When I’m sick I work on obit headlines for myself. Our local paper doesn’t do them unless you are famous (I’m not) but that doesn’t stop me. I can get very dark when I’m sick. Headline: Local woman dies from cruise virus without the cruise. Family seeking free tickets. Or one of my universal favorites: Woman’s last words were “I told you I was sick!”

Under the weather – I wasn’t the only one not feeling well this week. New cat Sasha was feeling punky after a round of vaccines. Either that or she was looking for attention. She certainly got that. No one offered me a ‘niptini.

So how was your week?


55 thoughts on “Random 5 for June 23 – Mice, virus, mood, obits, Sasha

  1. I’m impressed that you still write your blog post despite feeling under the weather. I don’t get sick very often but when I do I stay under the covers and watch junk TV!

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  2. Because I live alone with no family, and friends all over the U.S. but none of them close by, I always get a box of Nyquil day/night combo, a bottle of Delsym cough syrup and a bag of cough drops at the beginning of every cold and flu season. I figure that if I’m sick enough to need it, I may not feel good enough to walk to the store if it is a snowy and icy time (I don’t do snow and ice driving well and Meijer, the closest store, in a 3-mile round trip from home). So, for me, it is both insurance against getting sicker and assurance that I will be able to self-medicate and get better rate. If I’m lucky they’ll last through half the next season.

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    • There are some meds I always have on hand too. In this case, the cold medicine on hand did not work for me. It was a generic knockoff. There are a few items where I like to get the brand name and cold meds are one of them. I will be set for at least 2 years now.

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      • Yes, sometimes the expirations are a long way into the future. For coughs, the Delsym is very good – my mom could not take cough medicine with codeine, or anything that might interact with her existing meds. No issues with Delsym, but the bottle does not last long.

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  3. I literally did laught out loud, especially at those obits.

    Yes, meds we keep on hand just-in-case are usually expired by the time we need them.

    People seem more stupid because we have no patience for dumb when we’re sick. Our immune systems can only tolerate so much. I get even worse cranky when I’m hungry. I’m on a diet plan right now, and I wouldn’t want to be my husband at this point.

    Hope you are feeling better today.

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  4. Sick in June is the pits! I know what you mean about throwing away meds. I’ve started to think of them as insurance policies. I hope they never have to be used … until of course they expire or I run out. Then I’m virtually guaranteed to get sick again. Hope both you and Sasha are starting to feel better now!

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  5. How did you catch the mouse? And how did you catch the stupid virus? Oh, wait, those disgusting, tiny things are sneaky. You seldom know how they hit you. Love your obits.

    I hope all the stages of your illness are over now. Have a good week.

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  6. Oh, that’s certainly what would be called “wallowing in the misery” by my grandmother HaHa.
    Sore throat and headache – always dread that as it means more is to come. UGH
    (And the mousier on vacation – geesch didn’t Morgan check to see if it was OK to be MIA right now….cats. Talk about inconsiderate)
    Hope you are feeling better and this counts as your summer cold for this season.

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  7. Sorry to hear you’re poorly Kate. Hope you feel better soon.
    I’m not often ill, but agree with the idiots and food taste when feeling under the weather. No patience. Got stuck behind 12 cyclists this afternoon on the trip to visit Hubby. Past them and came across another five!!

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  8. Crummy to get that kind of thing when we are suppose to be enjoying summer. That could give me a cranky. I want to be left alone when I don’t feel good. I don’t want to tempt fate and write obit headlines for myself but it cracks me up that you do that. Kinda weird Morgan wasn’t all over that mouse… she takes her summer break seriously! Hope you are feeling much better this afternoon.

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  9. I’m sick too, but mine has camped out in my throat, with bonus sore on my tongue. It’s a great way to spend a weekend.
    Your obit headlines made me think that papers etc, really should do that for all obits. They would get much more clicks that way. 🙂

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    • I’m sorry you’re sick too. I hate sore throats. Wait, I hate being sick in general. The meds for congestion and allergies make me a little hyper. I’d prefer if they made me sleepy. Didn’t sleep at all last night. Today is better but it’s still there.

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  10. Oh I am sorry you are not feeling well Kate with that mysterious travelling virus. LOL! I love your obit ideas and this is yet another hysterical post. I also admire your agility in catching a mouse when you are sick and cranky. Wow!

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  11. It seems every day there is a new recall for something being contaminated in our food. It’s no wonder we’re not sick more often. Just the other day I heard about a frozen berry recall because they contained the norovirus. I thought you could only get that on cruise ships…crazy! I hope you have a better week, Kate!

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    • I self-diagnosed myself with a virus but the worst part was with my sinuses. It could be really bad allergies (although I’ve never gotten those before). It’s amazing we survive all this stuff. Back in the old days, most of food other than canned was local. I don’t know if that means it was cleaner or healthier. There wasn’t as much publicity.

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  12. Sorry you are feeling crappy, Kate. We watched a movie this week that you might enjoy ~> The Last Word, starring Shirley MacLaine.

    “Not about to cede control of any facet of her life — or death — retired businesswoman Harriet Lawler hires a young writer to pen an obituary worthy of her. When the results fall short of Harriet’s expectations, she sets out to reshape her legacy.”

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  13. “I’m always throwing out expired meds.”

    Me too. In fact this last week I went on a binge, checking all the dates, disposing of way too many pills and unguents. I don’t like doing that and I resent the fact that the manufacturers force me to do so. Hope you’re feeling better today.

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  14. That virus, or one similar to it, just left here. 24 hours with each symptom. Michelle and I both caught it, only Michelle’s developed into double ear infections. She is still fighting the infection. I

    I hope you get to feeling better, I hope Morgan gets his mojo back and starts catching mice.
    Being sick? Michelle wants to be left alone, I want to be cuddled. So we each pick a corner, and mope.

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  15. Do you ever question expiration dates on meds? I mean, who knows how long they sat on a store shelf after they were first manufactured? And why do prescriptions expire exactly one year after you fill them? Again, how long have they been sitting in the pharmacy? I’ve used meds long after their alleged expiration, though I do keep them in the fridge to ‘prolong freshness”. Color me quirky like that!

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    • When I had to get MRIs every year, I had a prescription for Valium. It would last 3 years (6 pills). As for prescriptions, I use them way past their due date. I have an eye antibiotic that is maybe 3 years old. I only use it when I think a stye is coming on. Works.


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