Sassy cats — Missing Hazel

Hazel (left) and Morgan taking up the whole love seat in the porch.

Note: For anyone new, Hazel is my cat who died in December. It was sudden and unexpected. We still miss her.

We had perfect porch weather this week. It made me miss Hazel. The cats have enjoyed it but not like Hazel did. She would be out there until I forced her to come in at bedtime. All the cats are in by dusk. I miss that old soul. She knew what good was.

Hazel on the office ottoman

She loved looking out the office window. In that way, Sasha is a lot like her. The other cats are rarely on the ottoman.

New cat Sasha — There may be a different cover but it’s the same ottoman.

Come to think of it, Sasha is also a food hoover and loves the porch. They are alike in many ways and different from the other cats. I’m not sure how that happened.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Hazel. It was taken shortly after she joined us. Maybe around 2007-ish. Regal and elegant. She had a good life. RIP Hazel.

Hazel upholstering a chair

All the cats and humans here wish you a great weekend.

58 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Missing Hazel

  1. I can understand how you miss Hazel as your porch buddy! She was a major part of your life for a long time. I love the one photo you said was your favorite. She looked absolutely regal. šŸ™‚

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  2. Brown Tabbies will be my forever favorites. Scrappy, Independent and loving. Fully cat in all the best ways. I always assumed I would have brown tabbies until I died, but it turned out the cat choosers had picked others for me. So many good cats in my past. But I do not lament. My current lot are all that one my hope to work for.

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    • Hazel had unusual coloring that doesn’t show up in pictures. With the brown tabby she had splotches of ginger and her leg bottoms were solid black. My current group is wonderful and I’m very grateful. Still there are times when I miss one that is gone.


  3. “Come to think of it, Sasha is also a food hoover and loves the porch. They are alike in many ways and different from the other cats. Iā€™m not sure how that happened.” ~>

    Maybe Sasha is Hazel re-incarnated? Just changed coats, but not her life perspective & priorities.

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  4. Love that last photo of Hazel, too. She certainly showed that she knew she was home and claimed her throne. šŸ™‚ I understand missing her. Sometimes we just have to say it out loud and share the memory. Thank you for sharing about Hazel.

    Have a nice weekend.

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  5. I think all of us who have followed you for any length of time miss Hazel too. She had such a distinct personality and I imagine many of us could relate to her… ummmm… challenges with food. She had a great life with you. Be sad, for sure, but also be proud of giving her so much love (albeit from an appropriate distance šŸ™‚).

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  6. Doesn’t matter how many cats you have or how different they are. You still miss each individual.

    She did have a great life. If I were a cat, I’d head straight to your place: “Kate’s Cat Haven.” I am sure it is spoken of with awe in clandestine cat circles.

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  7. Awww, Kate. It’s tough. They always knock at our hearts. I still miss Z more than I can say and she has been gone since January 17th of 2009. Love the picture of Hazel in the chair. Love all the pictures. She was an old soul, wasn’t she? I always thought of Z that way. I had a friend tell me that Z and I found each other at a time when I needed her and when her job was done, and she did have a job of pulling me out of a terrible depression, that she moved on. I don’t know what to think about that. Her words left a big impact on me. I’m thinking you are not into hugs from people you don’t know well but I am sending them to you anyway!

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      • I’ve thought about it. Jerry and I were just talking about it yesterday. I just can’t do it. Z broke my heart. I know you feel differently about it and lots of people say that having them in our lives is a gift that makes the grief worth standing but I am not that strong anymore.

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        • I get that. Some pets are harder to lose than others too. Yesterday I realized that Mollie is around 15. She is one of my favorite cats of all time. That will be a huge loss when it happens. I lost Magic in 2003 and she was a favorite too. I cried for 6 weeks. Wasn’t sure when I’d come out of that funk. When Lacey went in 2005, I knew it was time. She was 19 and wonky as all get out. It wasn’t as painful for me but there still was the funk for a while. They all leave their mark. When they go, even if they were ill and a lot of work at the end, all you remember are the good days.

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    • She enjoyed herself. She was an odd cat. Not overly affectionate (a lot like her owner!) but also not afraid to do what she wanted. She was part of a feral litter in a town so her life was a whole lot better after her rescue.

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  8. It really is a grieving process when I have had pets die. I understand that. On the flip side, I am cat sitting for a friend. The cat did the kneading on my chest thing at three am, emptied out the food bowl and scattered it all over and runs out the door when it is open an inch. Nice cat. Just determined. I am determined not to have any more personal pets. Will continue to pet sit for friends though. Have really enjoyed your unique style of blogging. Thanks

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    • Thanks! At least at this point, I can’t imagine life without them. I respect that some people have done a lot of care taking through the years and are done with it. Keep on cat sitting. Too bad you don’t live close-by. My cats would give you a run for your money although none of them want to go out.


  9. As days and seasons come and go I too am hit with reminders of the loves we’ve lost. Especially Trinity since it was so unexpected. Some make me smile. Some make me cry, but I regardless of the loss and hurt I’m thankful for the time we did have.

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    • Hazel was never a Velcro cat who stuck near me. I’m astounded at how much I miss her. This week I’ve been watching Sasha on that ottoman and thinking how often Hazel sat there when I was in the office. Pings the heart.

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  10. Our Sammy left us in December of 2016 and the whole “thing” can get me crying in a second if I let it. Bless them, they certainly DO make a mark on our hearts and souls forever. Sending you a hug.


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    • I get it. Jake passed in 2015 and is buried in our yard. I noticed this past week that the big spruce tree branches are covering his spot and that moved me to tears. He would like that. He enjoyed sleeping under the trees. He was my last indoor/outdoor cat.


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