Sassy cats – Morgan, klepto extraordinaire!

It started with desk items like post-its.

Morgan is a kleptomaniac. It’s started with post-its and pens and grew from there to ribbons, blankies and the odd part from something that we don’t know. (You know slippery slope and all that!)  So far it doesn’t involve money, just items that are useless to a cat. We’ve had some stern conversations but it’s hard to keep a straight face. Cats may not have puppy dog eyes but they have their own routine of getting sympathy.

Morgan has no idea how the ribbon got there.

We had a house guest for a few days. Morgan felt very comfortable helping herself to the guest’s cosmetic bag. Several times. Mostly she stole nail files but she also took a Chapstick. (Doesn’t everyone want a Chapstick that was chewed by a cat?) Maybe some other things. (Hey, a girl’s got to keep herself groomed!) After the guest left we found a stash of nail files. Haven’t seen the Chapstick yet. Hmmm….

If you come to visit, lock up your purse! At this point she’s not good at zippers. Yet! Are there meetings for cats?

Morgan: I knew you bought me something. I’ll just help myself!

88 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Morgan, klepto extraordinaire!

  1. I’m really amused at the picture in my mind of Morgan sneaking into your guest’s cosmetic bag. Glad you caught the culprit. Otherwise your friend might think you were taking her things. 🙂

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    • We never saw her in it. We only saw her playing with the contents. It’s possible (but highly unlikely) that another cat stole it and gave it to her. The amazing thing is that she didn’t dump anything. She just stole what she wanted.


  2. I think you are looking at this all wrong. ie not from the feline view point.
    All things in the home belong to the cats. If they choose to rearrange them, it’s their prerogative and staff should just deal with it, not cast aspersions on the honor of the cat.
    That’s the sort of behavior that could get you dismissed as favored staff. Just saying.

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  3. Wondering if the Chapstick is going to come out Morgan’s other end 😉 The files kind of makes sense to me. Morgan might think they’re mini-scratching posts or maybe she uses them. Have you checked her claws lately? Fortunately none of my fur babies are kleptos, but then I do keep all my knitting and sewing stuff far, far away from them.

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  4. Morgan must have have been fascinated by the cosmetic bag. Maybe she wanted to make herself look extra pretty for the house guest, or for someone she wanted to impress. Surely she will figure out zippers in no time 🙂 I used to use chaptsick, and these days not anymore. I am happy to bring around all of my chapsticks 😀

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  5. Kate, I think you still might wanna draw a line in the sand should Morgan ever start eyeing Starbucks drinks that might go briefly unattended, no matter how unlikely that might be. You can never tell with these kleptomaniacs. I mean, the temptation might be too great. 😀

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  6. I had a cat once who stole anything shiny–like living with a crow! But she’d take the stolen earring or push pin or pen or lipstick and either dump it in the toilet or bury it in her cat box! Sometimes they were too difficult to carry easily and I’d find them under chairs or in the middle of the floor. You always had to look before you sat in the bathroom and I had to inform guests to look, too, and keep purses shut tight. I came home from work one day and she had pulled out every push pin from the bulletin board over my desk so that papers and notes were all over the desk and floor.
    Another day she pulled the plug out of the wall so my TV didn’t record (remember VHS?). I had to buy a huge orange extension cord she couldn’t pull out and put furniture or big plants in front of exposed wall sockets with plugs. I never had to scoop as carefully and thoroughly as I did with Chakra.

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  7. I always tell my guests not to leave their purses where a cat can get to it… they enjoy shoveling loose items out on to the floor and then chasing them around. Frankie likes to use bags as scratching posts… one friend learned this the hard way…. fortunately she was very gracious and told me it was an old purse!

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    • I have never regretted adopting her although it was a very impromptu decision. I had no idea what her personality was but I also had no intention of her lingering at a shelter with one eye. Adopters want perfect cats. I was rewarded with spunk. I call her the perfect cat because in spite of her idiosyncrasies, she’s not annoying. She doesn’t sleep on the bed or pester when we eat. She’s just all around fun and she’s around 6 or 7 so she’s not a kitten.

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  8. 🤣🤣🤣 I make guests keep the bedroom door closed at all times because I’m worried about pill pilfering. Morgan is a funny sweetie! Our new problem vice is that Perry chews paper like a puppy. I can’t figure out how to break him of it.

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