Sassy cats — Odds and ends

I finally got a picture of Mollie where her eyes weren’t closed. Looks like she could use a whisker trim!

It’s been a peaceful week. We stopped having nightly mice hunts. We had done a few things including moving the electronic mouse noise machine closer to the suspected point of entry. We also sealed it. Or we think we did. Mice can get through the tiniest space.

They have either left or are hiding in another part of the house. Morgan is not doing the mousy dance and is back to sleeping in her normal spots. All good.

Gracie napping. Any doc visit needs a good nap afterward!

Poor Gracie had a vet appointment. She sang the song of her people all the way over and most of the way back. It gets my nerves all jangled. I’m the one who needs the tranquilizer! It’s a good thing the trip is 10 minutes. She was there for her annual with shots. She’s fine but it cost almost $200. Sigh.

Hazel goes in two weeks. Don’t tell her. She’s much more difficult to catch and get into the carrier when she knows there’s a vet trip coming. Maybe I’ll tell her we’re going catnip shopping.

This was the other good picture I got of Mollie this week.

Hoping you had a mouseless week with no vet visits!

66 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Odds and ends

  1. I think the word on the street is that your house is well guarded and the mice have given up! Let’s hope! So sorry about the vet appointments. They sound a little traumatic for the cats and you as well. šŸ˜¦

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  2. Mouseless weeks are good ones šŸ™‚ Theo has been spending an unusual amount of time in the basement which makes me I have a similar problem. So far no mouse bodies though … although he did catch one outside and try to bring it inside. At this time of year I have to be watchful when I let him back in the house šŸ˜

    The 2nd photo of Molly is stunning. She’s gorgeous!

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  4. Mollie is a beauty with those long whiskers and eyebrows and the sun glinting on her, making her ears look translucent. Cat friend Carol often writes about trying to trap hers for the vet visits and she has had to cancel or reschedule for later in the day when Dudley hides and cannot be found. He’s a rascal sometimes.

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      • I wonder why Carol just doesn’t do that – she says they run under the bed or go downstairs where they have a lot of big Rubbermaid totes in the basement and hide there. Carol and her husband lived in Shanghai for several years (he was transferred there with GM) and when they shipped things back to the U.S. they sent them in color-coded totes (still unpacked for the things they don’t use much) and a favorite place for cats (like a maze).


  5. My dad and his wife have two cats and two homes that are 80 miles apart. They take them back and forth to both houses when they switch places. I don’t know how they don’t need a tranquilizer. They are selling one of the homes and are going to live in the house farther away. The cats will be pleased to stay in one spot.

    Here’s hoping you now have a mouse-free home. Have a great weekend.

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    • When I lived in NJ, I had a beach house an hour away. I took my then cats back and forth with me. They got used to it as she got to know the routine. One would occasionally sing but only for 20 minutes. These cats don’t go anywhere but to the vet so they are not excited about seeing the carrier out.

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  6. I never had a week without multiple vet visits! 6 poor barn kittens who were in horrible shape. Got antibiotics, ear meds, eye meds, deworming, Revolution, and probiotics to help their recovery. They are all resting comfortably, eating and sleeping up a storm, and even starting to play today. Recovery on the way.

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    • Once she realizes that she always gets to go back to the same home, she may get better. None of my cats shake anymore (although some did at first). It may kick up memories or getting taken and left off someplace.


    • That would be expensive. I considered taking them to a clinic for their shots but I like that the vet looks them over and I get a chance to ask questions. As long as I can afford it, I’ll take them to the vet.


  7. We have a Gracie who looks just like your Gracie. Our Gracie came from a girl who found Gracie as a stray in bad shape in the middle of Pennsylvania winter. She sleep in her carrier last night. She does that once every couple weeks. On her last vet appointment she walked right into her carrier even though she hates car rides.

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  8. Re vet bills – We were surprised recently when we took Ray in for a check on an area of concern. A $100.00 later we were happy that there was no basis for concern. It seems a lot of $$$ for professional reassurance however, it was “professional/educated/experienced” reassurance … and Ray got to see his favorite vet … and she had really tasty treats for him … and he likes going to the vets (because of their history of making him feel special … and the vet was not rushed in anyway, and was prepared to talk about our concerns for as long as we had questions. $100.00 suddenly seems quite reasonable if it keeps us up to speed with Ray’s health, and keeps him happy, particularly as he ages. šŸ™‚

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  9. Beautiful kitties – and you captured them well in your photos. Iā€™m so glad that the vet visit went well! As for the mouse hunts, well, Iā€™m glad they are on hold. Iā€™m also glad your cats are diligent in keeping the invaders in check. I like mice, but they need to understand that my home is not their home….

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