Sassy cats — Working on yoga

Cats always stretch after they are in a position for a while. They pull and adjust every joint and muscle in their body. It’s something we should do too. They have their own form of yoga!

This is an old photo of Mollie practicing the downward dog position. She has it down pat.

Gracie’s favorite pose involves lateral stretching, preferably for a catnip bag.

Gracie: Here I am doing my yoga. Morgan is sniffing my tail. I must smell good. That’s a catnip bag by my paw.

Hazel doesn’t exactly do yoga. She doesn’t exactly exercise. Except for her paws and her jaws.

Here is Hazel kneading my briefcase.

Morgan is very svelte and in great shape so she is taking the day off.

Good night folks!

Wishing you a great weekend. Prayers to our friends in the path of Florence.

55 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Working on yoga

  1. Cats and toddlers seem well suited to those yoga poses, Kate. Arching like a cat is a very good spinal movement utilized in yoga. Maybe yoga is the reason cats maintain their fixability. They set a good example!

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  2. If my granddaughter was at the screen I know she would agree with me when I say “awww cute kitties!” but then she would try her best to get them off the laptop screen to hold them. She is two years old and loves to follow my cat around telling him “come here kitty” but you can imagine how she pronounces his name it doesn’t always come out Pitch.

    Pitch celebrated his fourth birthday on the 12th of this month. His Highness had a salmon and tuna dinner and didn’t leave on morsel for later. 😀

    I have a friend who lives on the NC coast. She posted an announcement on Facebook that her and her family are safe. My baby brother will be among the helpers being sent from Kansas City area.

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  3. They are so flexible. So is my big dog. He can do a full twist where his back paws and hindquarters are flat on the floor and his head is turned on its side, cheek flat against the floor. So weird, but I guess it’s the joys of the long torso.

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  4. All I get are pictures of blurred cat tails disappearing as soon as they spot me. Although I’ve got a great collection of pictures of cats SLEEPING, of course, on every surface of my house.

    You are a talented cat photographer, Kate! It takes talent to get such great action shots.

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