Sassy cats — Summer days

It’s been a slow news week here. Mostly. Meal times are still a challenge but it’s too hot to care. Here are a few pictures.

I have no idea why Hazel and Gracie are on the same chair. There are four chairs around the table and two of them have a good view out the sliding doors. Never try to figure out cats.

Gracie and Hazel sharing

That’s from this week. I have another from last year.

Butt buddies! Hazel is a little more svelte now than she was here.

Since losing weight Hazel has been able to jump up on the counter where Morgan and Gracie eat their food sometimes leaving leftovers. I’m hoping that it’s limiting. If she gains too much she won’t be able to jump up and have access to their food. We’ll see. Here she is so proud of herself!Mollie and Morgan are napping. All the critters here wish you a great weekend!

38 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Summer days

  1. I just walked in my bedroom and both my cats were in the bed. I think they both want to claim it as their turf and don’t want the other to get an upper hand. They don’t fight; it is more of a passive aggressive competition.

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  2. It is so hot, isn’t it? We tried to book a “shave” cut for our poor Zena and all the groomers are too busy to fit her in. We really should have done this sooner. We’re putting frozen water bottles in with the rabbit and just hoping everyone will be okay! I love the photo of the two “buddies” and they must somehow feel comforted by each other! I hope you have a good weekend, too, Kate. We all have excuses to be a little lazy, I think! 🙂

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  3. I have this image of you in my mind in which you carry your camera with you all the time as you wander around your house, always ready to snap a pic of your cats. You’re paparazzi to them. Great photos!

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    • It’s just the opposite. I never have my camera when they do funny things. For the butt picture taken this week, I walked into the kitchen saw it, then turned and ran (quietly) for my camera. Then I had to sneak up and wait until they both looked at me. Nerve wracking!

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