Sassy cats – Morgan, Part 3 or the end…for now

The last two posts have covered how she got here and the chaos she caused. So why do I consider her the perfect cat?

She eats what I feed her. She eats a mix of kibble and wet cat food and is never fussy. In a multi-cat household, that is huge.

She doesn’t whine. She didn’t meow for the first three months she was here. She rarely does now except to chirp at the birds. She treasures the quiet. In contrast Gracie whines all the time. Gracie brings her stick with the feather and wants you to play with her NOW. No matter that you are eating dinner. One day Morgan got so sick of it she took the wand and hid it under the carpet. That stopped the noise.

Napping after a night’s work, cellphone handy!

She has a job here. She is the hunter extraordinaire. She knows when there are mice to be caught. She sniffs out spiders and any other bug courageous (or stupid enough) to come in.

She doesn’t pest. She will join me when I’m on the computer but at other times she is content to sit on her own chair instead of sticking her butt in my face.

Morgan: What? Why am I not supposed to be here? (BTW that small duck to her left is history!)

She’s not frightened of anything. She will watch anyone vacuum without moving from her chair. Thunder doesn’t faze her. If she is around she will greet visitors. If she is sleeping, she continues to sleep. She hears just fine though. Call her for dinner and she is there lickety-split.

She is healthy and has all her teeth.

She is beautiful, photogenic, sweet and non-aggressive. Amen!

She truly is a perfect cat!

Morgan listening to the beloved husband playing guitar.

Next week meet Gracie, the truly spoiled cat of the bunch! She always has a lot to say.

51 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Morgan, Part 3 or the end…for now

    • That’s Morgan at a whopping 12 lbs.! It must be partly optical illusion as the cell phone is closer to the camera. Gracie is a peanut at 8 lbs. but she’s not in the pictures today. I can’t keep a lot of “breakable” things on the mantle these days (that’s anything of interest). She’s a little big to skirt around the items to get to the middle part. I worry about the tall duck on the right. I can’t replace these things. She usually enters from the left so fingers crossed.


  1. She sounds an absolute darling… I’m particularly struck by her insouciance in the face of a vaccuum… my little darling disappeared for hours as soon as I got it out ( very good excuse for not doing it very often)

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  2. Morgan is a cutie!

    Our cats are vocal (and opinionated)! Pippin is loud – he thinks the only way to make bipeds understand is to keep repeating something louder and louder till they catch on. 😀

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