Random 5 for July 1 – Glitter, attractiveness, noise pollution, guests, libraries

Words please! – I received a card this week. As soon as I opened it, there was glitter everywhere. It was all over my hands and the counter and probably the floor too. I have cats who lick their paws and I’m not excited about getting it in my food either. I put any glittery card directly in the trash. I’d rather be wowed with words.

Speaking of words — Finally after years of saying we would, we joined our local library. It’s a pretty awesome place and quite overwhelming. I have two books to read for the upcoming holiday. We have a family library book story. My niece had her husband return some books. A while later she got a past due notice. He swore he returned them. She was sure they were still in his truck. She did what any smart wife does and told him to figure it out. The answer was simple. He returned it to the wrong library. There are two libraries about the same distance from them. Oops! This must happen often. We all wondered that the libraries didn’t talk to each other.

So gorgeous! – Why did we think we weren’t gorgeous in our youth? There is a beauty to youth itself that goes beyond model stuff. Maybe it’s an innocence or a lack of being jaded. I saw a video clip of Bruce Springsteen from the 80s. He is an attractive older man now but he was a hottie in his youth. I wish I would have appreciated myself more back then. Better yet I wish I still looked like that!

What a racket – I awoke to a loud racket for two days this past week. In our neighborhood most people (but not the beloved husband!) get a professional service to mow their lawn. The magic day is Friday mornings usually. We had a neighbor have a more extensive yard cleanup that required a backhoe and very loud equipment. Two days of noise with back-up beeps every two seconds.

Anne Merhling and her husband John

Visiting bloggers – Most of us blogger buddies don’t live close enough to ever meet in person. Last week I was lucky to see Anne Mehrling and her husband John on their way to a family event. There is an advantage to living near an interstate. Anne writes a blog that chronicles life events. It’s full of road trips, friends, family and yes FOOD! You can find her here.

So how was your week?

48 thoughts on “Random 5 for July 1 – Glitter, attractiveness, noise pollution, guests, libraries

  1. Glitter period!
    How refreshing to get to meet a fellow blogger? I love Anne’s comments and the idea that you had the opportunity to do face to face…so very lovely.
    Kate, all I can say about not appreciating my youth is I need to be that size I was when I thought I was fat.

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  2. “I’d rather be wowed with words.” Had to laugh at that one! Can so identify. I always manage to get glitter in my eye. (My mom who was allergic to so much including flowers used to fret over those that people sent trying to be nice or in honor of something…she couldn’t take the sneezing and the flowers usually had to leave)
    Summers always meant libraries to avoid the heat and have something to do indoors. It is weird that libraries get miffed at getting books from their competition. Mom always kept labeled piles to keep returns going to the right place – we had city, county book mobile, and sometimes the schools opened theirs for the Sumer.

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  3. I haven’t received a glitter-filled card in years. I receive few cards anymore, and fortunately the ones I receive are sans glitter. Why was that ever even a thing, I wonder?

    We’re old school here and mow the lawn ourselves, but most of our neighbors hire the lawn maintenance companies to do that. It makes for mayhem, both the noise and the parking problems when all their trucks are here parked along the street.

    [When I first glanced at your title I thought it said: guest liberals. I wondered where you were going to go with that one!]

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  4. Like you, Kate, I would happily turn back the clock on my looks from my youth! I have to keep reminding myself that in 20 years (if I’m so lucky to still be alive), I will look back on photos from now and likely wish I still looked as good 😏

    This is not the first time I’ve heard a blogger talk about a card filled with glitter – or other cutouts. What amazes me is that people actually do that? … and they’re friends?

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    • Yes! I had an employee do that with birthday cards at work all the time. There were stars everywhere. Once it got in the commercial carpeting it was hard to get out but at least my pets weren’t there, it wasn’t in my food and I didn’t have to clean up. Your first point is important. While I’m moaning about how much better I looked 40 years ago, I must remember that today is the best I’ll look for the rest of my life. Sobering…

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  5. I promise to never send you a card full of glitter. Love that you had a blogger meet up. I have had a few and they have all been interesting and fun. Enjoyed reading both of your posts! Want to join the library system here but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    Can’t wait to read the rant on your haircut,.. I’m sorry you got a bad one. I haven’t found a salon here yet. I have stalked several people with great short haircuts and braved up and asked them where they get their hair cut. Always a little awkward at first but then it turns out to be a great experience. I have been lucky to meet two women this way that are now friends. I think i have found a salon, I just can’t make myself hit the keypad. I am going to wait till after your rant.

    Friday mornings are lawn cutting and trimming where we are and it is loud but I am up and in our case CH and I are happy somebody else is maintaining the landscaping and taking care of the beautiful palms! A neighbor doing work with heavy equipment gets old very fast!

    Our week was full of Dr. appointments for CH’s July 12 surgery for the macular hole and looking for which ding dang brand of appliances to buy to replace the ones that are in the kitchen now. It’s frightening… I am going to go back and read your blogs on appliances!

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    • First, wishing CH luck on his surgery. Always scary. Appliances, also scary. I ask people with good hair with a similar texture where they get it cut all the time. Mostly it’s a 45 minute drive (not willing to do!). I did learn how to coax my curl from a salesperson in a lingerie store. She had the SAME hair I do and she went through her routine step by step. It works! (Usually nothing works for me!) Her big trick was to not comb it after you get out of the shower but to blow it with a diffuser. Our hair isn’t so thick that it’s a mess of tangles. You are my idol. Looking forward to getting my husband to move someplace warmer (although it’s going to be in the high 90s here today!) and with a lot less work.


      • I don’t think you would like all this humidity/high dew point. My love for this place would increase tenfold if the dew point would stay down in the 60 range in the long summer season. Winter season the dew point is very nice on through May. No place is perfect but I don’t understand why not… 😀 CH has always been the one that wanted to make this our permanent home. I feared the HUMIDITY, and rightly so!

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        • Our dewpoint right now and all week is 70. We get 2 lovely days followed by 5 not so lovely, either hot and humid or cold and damp. We need to find that perfect place. Hawaii has lovely weather if you can afford housing. (Stay away from the volcanoes!)


  6. I have heard glitter referred to as “the herpes of the crafting world”. So it’s definitely wise to get rid of it as soon as you encounter it! Glad you got to join your library – when they are good, they can be a great thing to be a part of 🙂 How neat that you got to meet a fellow blogger!

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  7. How nice to have spent time with blogging friends! On rare occasions I’ve had the opportunity and I have a fantasy of being able to travel more for that specific purpose!

    I do hope you continue to enjoy your library. I juggle four different libraries and often have books from each one. It does take some management but the rewards are plentiful! Have a great week, Kate! 😀

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  8. I have had the joy and privilege of meeting five of my blogging buddies (and several of those multiple times) and each meet-up was a treat. I felt like I had known them forever. How great that you were able to meet Anne and her husband. I’m with you… just say “no” to glitter. Sheesh, it kind of negates the joy of getting a card. I’m sure they meant well… Last, I LOVE my library! We have three branches with a few miles of our house and, fortunately, we can check-out and return books to any one.

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    • I remember you posting about some of your meet-ups. So lucky. Bloggers represent themselves accurately so there is no big surprise. That also helps the feeling like you’ve known them forever because you have!


  9. Wow, Kate! Thank you for the link. I’m still reveling in the memory of our visit. I never thought to mention interstates and easy access. We live four turns from I-40.

    That’s too bad about your haircut. How long will it take to grow out? I’m glad I saw the “before” version of you.

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  10. Libraries in the same county are all connected, so we could return a book borrowed from one to another and no penalties.
    I have glitter glue for my cards but have never used it, and don’t like getting glitter on my skin anyway. A colleague’s fiancee had a thing about putting little foil hearts, flowers, or confetti in with her cards. They went everywhere too. She only did it once.

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    • I’m pretty sure they waived the penalty once it was straightened out but the two libraries are in different towns. I’ve gotten a card with little cut-out confetti in them. You open it unsuspectingly and have them in your breakfast bun! Boogers. Not a fan. Getting a home made card in itself is pretty special.


      • As you know I do a lot of those! I made one for Jack yesterday and posted it this morning. A sympathy card is one I would normally buy, but both Jack and his wife loved my cards, so as I had a kit that was suitable, I made one for them, and put in a simple message.

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  11. My friend M and I went to “Rock of Ages” two years ago in Vegas. The audience got showered in glitter. I am STILL finding glitter in my purse and suitcase and so is she. We take pictures and send them to each other. Glitter went with me to London, Sedona, etc.

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  12. That’s great you were able to meet up with Anne and her husband…they both look happy. 🙂 Yeah, we have those neighbors too with the loud yard service equipment…seems a little much for such small lots. Happy Sunday!

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    • It’s all about timing too. A few years back there was another service and the appointed day (they seem to do 3 or 4 of the yards) was Saturday afternoon. Seriously? They should be doing commercial properties at that time. There are picnics!


  13. Getting a card full of glitter would not please me much . . . it’s an “unfriendly” trend!

    I read Anne’s write-up of your blogging meet up and LOVED the photo of you, your hubby, and your pond. But where were the cats???? 😀

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    • She came around two for an hour. That’s “nap after lunch” time. I should have brought out the grays. They may have sniffed them a while. The other two are hopeless and would have run back to their nest.

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  14. Wow…look at Anne. How great was that! Just know, if I’m ever in the neighborhood, I too will pop in. Inform the cats.

    As you know, I love to read, and here you can bring any book back to any library and they return it to its official branch. How great you have books to read over the 4th. Me too.

    Youth…well, Bruce, AKA The Boss, certainly aged well. He filled out as if he’s now more at home in his skin. An age bonus if there ever was one. I had lots of hair back then…I looked like a fortune teller from Queens since it grows like a Chia Pet so my short hair looks better as I age.

    I guess I took a line-less face for granted but, that’s a perk. You’re not supposed to worry when you’re so young. My two cents.

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    • I don’t know why we are so fixated on our looks when we’re young. It’s the best we’ll ever look (at least for many of us). Perhaps it goes back to our stone age need to find a mate to reproduce. Funny you should mention hair. I got a dreadful haircut this week. I have a full scale rant ready for Tuesday. You would look beautiful no matter what you did with your hair. Morgan just needs a few hours notice of your arrival so she can spruce up her fur and get some fresh catnip to share with you.

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