Sassy cats — Upstairs, downstairs

Gracie and Hazel were enjoying a nice snooze together. Until…

Something outside required their attention. They are hoping to “help” clean the porch this weekend. However, so far when predicting warm weather the forecasters have been off so we’ll see. They are dreaming of stretching out on the comfy thick porch cushions while listening to birds and chippies.

47 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Upstairs, downstairs

  1. I’m commenting on your chair! I love it. Beautiful! And I’m reading out of order tonight so I know your porch is now open for business! I’m sure everyone is delighted. πŸ™‚

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    • I love that chair too. When it was delivered, I liked it so much I wanted to buy another one to flank the fireplace and the fabric was already discontinued. I don’t know why they discontinue the stuff I like and keep the ugly stuff.


  2. That’s the perfect upholstery – the design compliments the cat positions …they are waiting for their crowns now…they know you promised…
    Even with the alternating wild winds and rain, we’re still having some nice days unlike so many others. Cats patiently wait for those sheltered sunny spots and take full advantage of them

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  3. Stretching out on a comfy porch chair while listening to the birds chirp, sounds perfect! Here’ s hoping that the weather cooperates!


  4. Kate, are you sure it’s the cats who are dreaming of stretching out in the sun on the porch, or might it be that that’s the fervent wish of some human (who wishes to remain nameless) and who happens to live in the house? Just asking? πŸ˜€

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  5. The Boss Cat was most insistent that I follow her today. I thought it would be to her food dish.

    Instead, she lead me to a sunny room where I had put a beanbag chair on the bed while I vacuumed. She wasn’t happy until I put the beanbag chair back into the morning sunbeam where it belonged.

    I am a well-trained human.

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  6. I, too, am “dreaming of stretching out on the comfy thick porch cushions while listening to birds and chippies.” If our weather holds warm like it is today, I’ll be like your cats by Sunday evening.

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  7. It’s supposed to be nice here next week…….. plans for laying paving slabs by the bins (only half a dozen to stop getting muddy feet) and cutting the back lawn. Hubby cut the front yesterday, and it’s still drizzling!

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    • Our weather hasn’t been warm enough for the grass to grow much. It’s green and if the warmth continues maybe next week. I’m looking forward to working outside. After a really bad March and early April, the warmth is welcome.


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