Sassy cats – A random week

I’m feeling better. Sorta.

It was another poopy week here. Hazel had another bout of diarrhea. Fortunately I had medicine in-house but it was five days until she (and I) felt better. When she doesn’t come out for dinner I know I have a sick kitty. She is on a new special diet along with antibiotics. Special means costly. The new stuff costs three times more than her old food. Sigh. Perhaps she lost more weight. Always look for the silver lining. Somewhere.

You can see Mollie’s toe beans here buried in all her floof.

This is a good picture of toe beans. Source: I Iz Cat

Toe beans – those are the thick-skinned flesh of the toe on a cat. I’m part of a cat group on Facebook. (I know you are stunned!) Cat people have been posting toe bean pictures. For the last two weeks I’ve been trying to get some photos of one of my cats showing their beans. I didn’t get any great shots. No one was cooperative. Mollie is the only one with pink beans. I did get this not great picture. They are cats. What do you expect?

Always something – This past week Gracie has become infatuated with Venetian blinds. A cat can do real damage – teeth marks, bent slats. We’re working on changing this behavior. I have no idea where it came from. Both Morgan and Hazel in their younger days destroyed a Venetian blind. Maybe it’s a rite of passage.

41 thoughts on “Sassy cats – A random week

  1. Kate – I continue to learn so much from your site. The thick skinned, exposed flesh on cat’s paws are called ‘Toe beans’? And they smell like Frittos? I seriously never knew this!

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  2. I love kitty toe beans and as long as they haven’t been recently in the LB, kitty toe beans smell like fritos. Really, I never sniffed a toe bean that didn’t… so, if you are brave enough! Warmth seems to make that fritos aroma much more noticeable. Hope you and Hazel are feeling much better!

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  3. I’ve never heard the term ‘toe beans’, but it’s kinda cute. So sorry Hazel and your good self have been poorly. Interesting about venetian blinds……… do you think they mentioned in in passing like some secret paw shake? Take care of you and yours.

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  4. I have never heard the term “toe beans” before, but what a perfect descriptor! It is amusing to think of the many uploads to a Facebook page! I do hope Hazel is feeling better, and a week of kitty diarrhea has to be unpleasant for everyone! I hope the latest storm didn’t do any damage to your emerging spring pond and that you have a lovely weekend, Kate.

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    • I never heard of them until about a month ago when FB lit up with “toe bean” shots. I don’t know how they get them. Even when Mollie has all 4 paws in the air, she bends her paws over and with all the floof you can’t see any beans.

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  5. I hope Hazel, and you, feel better soon. All of our animals in this area seem to be sick. You can see them eating grass, nearly every where you look. Our Dane, awakened us this morning retching at 5am.
    I’ll have to see if Reboot has any photogenic toe beans. I doubt it, since she is pure black.

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    • I’ve had cats that didn’t get along. When I had Jake I also had an old cranky cat that didn’t get along with anyone (sometimes that included me — I have scars!). I had to keep them separated. That was a pain. She was old so she liked being by herself in a very nice sunny bedroom. Don’t want to go through that again. Morgan and Gracie spat. It’s the battle of the grays but it’s in play. Never any damage and lots of chasing.


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