Sassy cats — A crazy week

Poor baby!

We almost forgot about posting this week! It’s been busy but we have good news. After Hazel’s bad reaction to the rabies shot last fall, I am switching my cats to the three-year vaccine. Mollie was the first to get her three-year shot this past week and she came through fine. She’s my canary in a coal mine. If anyone gets sick, she will. I had posted about Hazel’s reaction here. In our state all pets except the very old and sick are required to have a rabies shot. This picture is from one of Mollie’s previous visits but she had that same sad sack (I’m gonna get you for this) expression on her face this week. The vet had a different print smock on though!

Here is a picture of the grays watching the robins eat the berries outside the window.

Gracie (on left) and Morgan supervising holly berry harvest!

51 thoughts on “Sassy cats — A crazy week

  1. I’m so glad your little “experiment” came through the test with good results! I didn’t know that indoor cats required the same vaccine schedule as cats exposed to the outdoors. Our dog is on a 3-year cycle, but somehow every year she ends up with a vaccine for something! I think it’s a bit much, but I tend to go along with whatever the Vet suggests. I’m not knowledgeable enough to question him!

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    • Cats (at least in our area) get 2 vaccines routinely. The rabies is available either as a yearly or a 3-year. The other vaccine is already a 3-year. I don’t have a problem getting them to the vet but there is always the concern about reactions. Mollie had a bad reaction to the FVCRP injection when she was young. Her back leg was lame for a week. They switched her to the nasal vaccine every three years and she does ok with that. I remember my childhood cats never got vaccines and did ok but I’m not willing to take that chance now.

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    • The grays are easy peasy to take. Mollie has mellowed over the years. She doesn’t put up much of a fight anymore. Hazel, on the other hand, I still have to get the first appointment of the morning so I can snatch her when she comes for breakfast. Otherwise I have to chase her until she tires, then poke her out from under the bed. Jake was awful to take. He was such a large strong cat. They can smell when you have a vet appointment.


  2. Our state requires them too. I have one that I worry about that I am going to see if a titer can be done to see if she still has it in her system and then she won’t require it.

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    • Our state won’t recognize a titer test. I looked into it. Much as I hate the requirement for an indoor only cat, it has brought down the incidence of rabies in our state considerably. Good luck to you.


    • Rabies is prevalent in my state (PA) although not so much in my area. I checked out the specific law and unless they are old and infirm, even indoor cats need them. There is always the possibility of a rabid bat getting inside the house. I know. Very remote but that’s what they always say.

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  3. When we sold the cottage n 2014 there was a chance we would go across the channel for a holiday between houses (yeah, joke now) so we got Maggie vaccinated in plenty of time. Here in the UK it’s every three years, so she’s had her booster, but so far we haven’ taken her anywhere! No reaction though, and she’ll have her next shot in 2020.
    Love the grays watching the birds. πŸ™‚

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  4. I’m glad that you all remembered to post this week. And I was glad to read that Gracie came through with flying colours (despite the “I’m going to get you for this’ expression)!

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  5. Took my little Daisy to the Vet last week. She got the 3yr rabies shot and the other vaccine as well. Thank goodness, she did just fine. Vet said she might not eat or be lethargic. Luckily we had no reaction at all.
    I love the look on Mollie’s face in the above picture! Priceless.

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    • Fortunately for Mollie the other vaccine is a 3-year and it’s an off year for her on that one. Other than hiding to sleep all day, she was fine. She ate and pooped and did all those other things she usually does.


  6. we hope efurrything goes well and the 3-year shot will do the trick. it is not law here to get the rabies shot but it’s better to have it when we travel. I always do single shots so it means 3 vet appointments and 3 bills, but better safe than sorry…

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