Random 5 for January 14 – Spirit, change, seasons, computers, sickness

A rousing evening – Our local pro football team, which was not expected to do well at the start of the season, was awesome…until the quarterback was injured. They made it to the first round of playoffs but the odds makers were not kind. Disrespected some say. Despite being league champions, they were the underdogs. It created a “we’ll show them” attitude. The first playoff game was last night. I couldn’t watch it. I could tell how it was going by the groans and cheers from the beloved husband. I was struck by how fans rally when the chips are down (and this is Philadelphia where fans are not the kindest!). They won.

Soup! – Our local grocery store had a wonderful pumpkin bisque available over the fall into the holidays. It also had shrimp bisque and baked potato soup along with some others I like. It was a hard decision. I almost looked forward to trying the rest when pumpkin moved on. Pumpkin is gone now but so are the rest. All that’s left is a collection of stupid soups made by tossing trash together. Boogers!

Christmas has left the building — All the decorations are finally down except for the window candles. We keep those up until the end of February. It’s so nice to come home to a house that isn’t completely dark during the worst of the winter.

A solutions of sorts – Last week I posted about issues I was having with the “reader” function of WordPress. After a conservation with the happiness engineers, the problem is with Internet Explorer, my browser. After a search I found that IE is on its way out. Microsoft has developed Edge as a replacement although I stubbornly cling to IE. Using Edge or Chrome (the Google browser), the problem disappears. I liked my old IE better. I had toolbars set up and searching was easy peasy. Edge doesn’t support toolbars. I will keep working with it because I have to but for me it’s another case of an upgrade (?) I didn’t want.

Taking care – There is a lot of illness going around, including flu. Since we’re both retired, we don’t come in contact with sick people on a regular basis. However, we’ve been exposed recently and are being vigilant. Some people who have been ill have had a hard time shaking it off. So far we are well and hope that you are too.

So how was your week?

Note: The logo is a trademark for the Philadelphia Eagles football team.

66 thoughts on “Random 5 for January 14 – Spirit, change, seasons, computers, sickness

  1. My daughter is a nurse working in an Urgent Care center and over the holidays they were seeing more than 100 patients a day! We’ve also avoided “it” so far, but I’m not cavalier about our good luck! I make a good sweet potato bisque and since you mention your immersion blender, I think you’d make better soups than you’d find at the grocery! I do understand how nice it is to come home with a tempting container, however. 🙂

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  2. It’s funny for me that you are an IE fan. I am a Mozilla Firefox girl myself and tend to think of IE as the devil. Google Chrome has irritated me by connecting my real identity with my blogging one (I wanted to keep them completely separate). This “Edge” news is just downright scary.
    One more quick point: I haven’t heard the word “boogers” in decades!

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  3. An upgrade is what almost did my ancient but wonderful iPhone in. Arrgh. Glad you resolved the Reader issue.
    It is soup weather, (and crowd avoidance time of year. What a flu season it has been)
    Normally we get Christmas decorations down pretty fast but right now We are waiting to see if we will get a note from the HOA about our Christmas lights in the flowerbed that are helping keep plants alive – it was suggested on tv and in media, so we’ll blame them. The old multicolored string of big bulbs does look festive….maybe green for St. Patrick Day, and Red for Valentines?

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  4. I like the look of those candles in the window, too. We have neighbors who have them lit all year round. We also have neighbors who usually keep their outdoor lighted decorations up well into February. While I like their commitment to getting their money’s worth out of their decorative lights, it does seem a bit over the top. But that’s just me.

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  5. I know, it bugs me to have to get used to “upgrades.” Sometimes they add more steps or take away a feature I liked. I just got a new laptop over the summer, and it comes with Edge, so I had to get used to it. I used to use Firefox, but they recently changed that one, too. 😛

    Yes, a lot of people are sick. I’m not exposed to a lot of people myself, but my husband is. I’m hoping to stay well throughout this cold/flu season. Stay well. 🙂

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  6. I’m with you on IE. I’ve held on too long according to my son. He installed chrome on one laptop over the holidays and now he expects me to install it on the other one. I’m still procrastinating though.
    We’ve all been well – knock on wood! ~Elle

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  7. Sorry to hear the rest of the bisques have gone with the pumpkin – they sound good! Well, maybe something to look for next fall? We took down our Christmas too, except for a few interior twinkle light strands – it’s too dark for too much of the time to go completely festive light-free!

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  8. I had WordPress reader issues with my Firefox and they have not gotten around to blaiming that, although I tell them I use it and it is updated, and the windows 7 that I use, and every other thing I do. For the past three or so days all follow buttons are invisible to me, and if I try to subscribe via email while logged into reader it says it is not a good email address over and overe even though it is correct. If I subscribe while NOT logged into the reader, it works fine. I’m not giving up Firefox though!

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  9. Baked potato soup!! That sounds great!!
    I’ve been having some problems with Word Press too. I’ve installed Fire Fox to try to clear things up, but I’m uncomfortable with the layout and afraid to try things for fear I’ll mess something up. I am a creature of habit. I hate change!!!

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  10. My good friend who moved from eastern Pennsylvania to San Diego a few years has candles in her windows too – it must be an eastern US thing. Anyway, they are lovely and so welcoming. I think she may leave them up all year, but I’m not sure.

    Football? Bah… But, I’m always up for a good Super Bowl party.

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  11. The local team here is the Jacksonville Jaguars, and as soon as I saw the Eagle’s logo on your post, I was going to mention the big game today between the two teams. Then I remembered the Jags are playing the PITTSBURGH team. I promise to take a refresher course on Pennsylvania cities.

    OMG, I’m so out of it. I had no idea IE was no longer being supported. I’ve also never heard of Edge. – Marty

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    • It’s still being supported, sort of, but not upgraded at all. Eventually other programs won’t play well with it because it will be behind the times which is what I think has happened with WordPress. The Steelers are at the other end of the state. My niece is a big Steelers fan but mostly around here it’s the Eagles.


    • I heard the announcer say the Eagles won from another room. I went to check on my husband. Hadn’t heard anything for a few minutes and was afraid that the stress may have done him in! Fortunately he was just in the afterglow of victory.

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  12. Both what I had at Christmas and he flu are going around here. It is bad bad bad. I don’t even want to go out just in case I am exposed to that flu. Meanwhile, I am back in sandals and short pants, as the weather has warmed up again. Weird times.

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  13. I “may” get around to dismantling the Christmas decorations today (but we “might” leave the tree up a bit longer . . . love its light at night).

    Go Eagles! (Or whatever team strikes my fancy next week). 😀

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  14. I’ve been on Chrome for some time. It seems less fiddle-y than some of the others. But I hear what you say about tool bars. I’d be lost if I had to switch! Although there’s a way to export/import the boogers. You might try that if you have to move?

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  15. Living in Eastern PA, there are many many Eagles fans surrounding me. I am NOT an Eagles fan. But, did root for them yesterday for all my friends who are. But, that was hard for me!!!!!
    I think I will have to make soup today!
    Enjoy your day…<3

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  16. Not a football fan, baseball is my game, but I know that things are getting down to the wire out there. My husband’s team is the Cowboys and since they are not involved this year, I’m rooting for whatever team will win us money (football pools). Our local Safeway has some interesting soups sometimes too. I don’t take a flu shot and try to stay away from sick people. My first flu season working in retail will be interesting. Happy Sunday, Kate.

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  17. Hi Kate – I recently switched from Firefox to Edge, but then Edge lost all my bookmarks (I have a lot)! Googling it brought up an admittance that yes, Microsoft Edge can do that… with no current fix. I reverted back to Firefox (Mozilla)!

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  18. Hi, Kate – I am also not a football fan. Last night my book reading was heavily disturbed by yelling coming from our Family Room (Richard was alone in there). When I went out to check, Richard was yelling at the players and the refs. “You know that they can’t hear you”, I said quietly. Yup, the game is totally lost on me!
    About the flu…should I get a flu shot? I never have before….is now the time? Since you know so many things, I figured you might know the answer to this! 🙂

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    • I’ve gotten a flu shot since I turned 60. I haven’t had the flu in many years (even before that). I am neurotic about hand washing and staying away from sick people. “They” say that the flu shot is less effective this year but it’s better than no protection at all. I have never had any side effects from it.

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  19. Glad your team won. Our town isn’t big enough for a pro football team, but that’s okay because I’m more of a college football fan. College players are quite young which makes the game exciting. The players are so unpredictable!

    I just looked at the flu map. Ei-yi-yi!

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  20. I grew up watching football in D.C. (no I will not use the racial slur that is their franchise name). Eagles fans are legendary for their, um, bluntness. 🙂 But they aren’t considered as downright nasty as Raiders fan, who throw stuff at the opposition and their fans.

    I loved football, but quit watching it about a decade ago because I couldn’t support the NFL’s disregard for a) player health as they hid effects of concussions, b) disregard for women as they ignored rampant domestic abuse, c) greed as they gouged cities and tax payers for new stadiums.

    The more affluent high schools where I live now have very small football teams as fewer educated parents are willing to risk their children’s brains. I suspect someday football will be almost like the gladiator sport of Rome, with only poorer, more marginalized communities risking their boys for a chance at wealth and glory.

    I’m just a shining beacon of hope today, aren’t I?

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    • I can’t disagree with any of your points. I was at a Yankee (baseball) game once and was appalled by the lack…um…anything resembling kindness. There were kids there but the adults were using the foulest language I ever heard! There is something about sports that makes testosterone overcome any normal brain activity.

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  21. We have recently switched from Firefox to Opera as we were getting a lot of connection issues. I had to redo my toolbar, but it seems to be working OK. We turned off the automatic updates as they just flooded our hard drives, not replacing the outdated but running alongside, so constantly squabbling!
    It’s taken weeks for me to shake off my cold despite vitamin C and good wholesome soups! Now I only sneeze two or three times a day instead of twenty times an hour!
    Have a good week.

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  22. The Philadelphia fans can be brutal. We are not sports people, but we are happy when our city is happy.
    My love for the bisque soups is very high, and I can also say I’m disappointed by the latest selections. There is a Triple Squash out there at Whole Foods which is good.
    I’m a hair away from wearing a mask!

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